Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why, God?....and a Photo Challenge

I came across a question on  If you could meet one person in the whole world past, present, or future, who would you want to meet and why?

I wonder if anyone answered “God” (or Jesus).  I think if I could actually choose one person, or entity, to have a question and answer session with, it would be God.   I do know I can talk to God anytime, and I do know that He answers…but wouldn’t you like to sit down with Him and just ask some very specific questions?  

I think I’d ask things about myself…like why is it that the only thing I seem to be able to finish that I start is a pack of cookies.    I’d ask how to fix my lack of self-control that gets me into trouble, or my lack of motivation.   I don’t know if I’d ask things like why He allows abuse, or why there are starving children, or why good people die of cancer and mean people live to be 90…I wonder about such things, but I don’t know if I would be able to take the answer.   I can read Job and understand that He is in control…complete control.  

I seem to remember something about not asking God “Why?”

I am about to talk myself out of posting this entry.

What if you could only ask Him one question to which you could get a direct answer?     What would you ask?

I believe I would ask Him exactly how involved He is in our everyday lives.   Does He step back and let nature and life take its course, or is He intimately interested in MY life?


  1. such a cute photo challenge! unique!!

    I would ask God "why do you love me so much that you allowed your son, your one and only son, to die for my sins so that I could spend eternity with you and not get the wrath I so deserve."

    and definitely I would want to meet Jesus here on earth, but of course, we will meet him one day and get to spend eternity with him. To see him every day, that is heaven indeed to me!!

    I think "why" won't matter when we get to heaven. I think it will all make sense even though it doesn't make sense these days


  2. I would ask God why he made fleas. I've heard it was to make us humble...

  3. Photo challenge: great idea and thoughtful application. I drove to Waterloo yesterday hoping the sun would reappear once there, but instead found some very interesting shots in the overcast light that may not have been better in sunlight. Can't find my 'camera to computer thingy cord' so will probably just get a disc made today. I'm anxious to see full size results!

  4. Tha challenge sounds like great fun! If you do it, I'm interested.

    What would I ask God? Only ONE question? Huh. Hmmmm. I have two. Let me combine them. :D

    So, to God: "What specific things can I do that would warm Your heart and make You smile?"

    I'm sure the answer wouldn't be for me to lose 50 pounds.


  5. I ask all the time "Why God?". I just never really thought of really asking the questions. THought provoking post today.


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