Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Doctor Visits

Once upon a time, I had a regular physician with whom I was quite satisfied.    She obviously didn’t feel the same way, she sold her business…do you call patients ‘business?’   She sold her practice to some yay-hoo, and went north.  I didn’t bother to change doctors, and I ended up liking him just fine.   He apparently didn’t feel the same; he gave his patient records away to another set of doctor-hoos, and moved south.  This time, I have rebelled, and I have appointment with my new choice next month.   I hope I like her.

When I was a kid…before you saw a doctor, you had to be turning blue.  Or red, like the time I cut my arm so bad I required both an inside and outside row of stitches.   These days, kids are taken to the doctor for a stuffy nose.     By the time I considered myself an adult (pregnant,)  and had to see a doctor, I really didn’t know what to expect!  I had never been, how would I know?  I’d heard stories that made me shudder in horror…but my reality was that I had to go to one of “those” doctors.

My friend, The Flirtatious Miss M, had a kidney or bladder…or some type of infection, and had to see a doctor.  They told her to undress; she refused, and would not be swayed.  After much discussion and some deliberation, they finally gave her an antibiotic and sent her on her way.   I’m not sure if she’s ever been back to a doctor.   She never had any kids.  I am not sure if the two events (or lack of events, as it were) are related.

As for me…I didn’t really have the thought to refuse, though refuse I did, at first.   A nurse, or most likely, an aide, brought me to a room.    Smack in the middle of said room was one of “those” tables, complete with stirrups.   She told me to undress, and she’d be back.   There was no lock on the door and no little curtain to hide behind.   What bothered me most, however, was the fact that there was no sheet.   No cover-up!   No little surgical gown, not even a paper robe!   No way was I going to get naked in that room and wait for ~whomever~ to open the door and~ whomever else~ in the hallway to see me perched like a hairless Chihuahua on the examination table!

Picture taken from PetDogLife

When the aide came back into the room, she said…”Oh, you haven’t gotten undressed.”   I am sure there was horror on my face.   There was certainly horror in my young and inexperienced heart.    She finally noticed that there was no sheet.    These days, you don’t get sheets, you get Kleenex.   Or paper gowns.   Same thing.   I survived the ordeal….just as I survived giving birth.   If you are unlucky, one day I will write about that.

Today, you are not so unlucky.

By the way, the doctor lady I’m going to visit next month isn’t even one of “those” doctors.



  1. Doctor's vists. yuk. Especially the ones with those little paper doilies for a cover-up. I have a friend who takes her own housecoat. I've been tempted...


  2. I hate "those" appointments with a passion. After putting it off for years I ended up in the ER with sever pain. IN the Er they said it was cancer, in the long run it was a fluid tumor. Praist the Lord. THey did catch some pre-cancerous cells and treated that. I try not to put that appointment off anymore. I am behind right now because of lack of insurance but will be going with tax money. I learned the worry is worse than going.

  3. I loved my "doctor" (who was really a physician assistant) when we lived in Montana. She "knew" me and the struggles I had with the kids and I could "get my way" with her. Wanted some anti depressants or anti anxiety pills and no problems, LOL. She was great. Never found anyone so far that measured up to her. I am of the opinion though that women should only see women providers since they tend to know us the best. I would like to hear your giving birth story some day!


  4. I haven't had to see one of those doctors since all my things those doctors checked out have been removed. Certainly know how it is to be passed around among different providers with nary a thought about asking me the patient if it was OK. Hopefully my new doc will stick around for awhile.


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