Thursday, March 10, 2011

ABC's of Me

I think this is called a meme, and it's making it's blogging rounds.  It's probably kinda cheating on my "Blogging With Discipline" endeavor, but (in my best Toby Keith impersonation) I wanna talk about ME!   So, here are the ABC's of me:
Age: What?   You’re breaking up!

Chore I hate:  Cleaning….anything!

Bed size:  Double.  Ole Boy has a queen.   OK, yeah, we have separate beds.   It has probably saved our marriage.
Dogs?  Dogs are so precious…they rarely fail to make me smile! 
Essential start to my day:  A nice hot shower…

Favorite color:  Normally blue, but I have to say pink is very pleasing to me as well.
Gold or silver: Silver….Except for when it’s in my hair!!

Job title:  Officially it’s “Specialist.”  I hate that word and rarely use it in my title.

Live:  I plan to keep it up until I die…and then I’ll really live.

Kids?  1 daughter…4 grandchildren; 6 when I count Ole Boys grandchildren.

Instruments I play:  I can’t even whistle a tune.   I can play the radio, or MP3s and CDs on the Window’s Media Player.

Height: 5’8"

Nicknames:   All my dad ever called when I was growing up was “Frog.”   Even one or two of his buddies called me that.   No one else in the family did, though.   Just Dad. 
Mom's name:   Dorothy Jean.   “Dot” to her sisters.   “Mommy” to me.  Yeah, I actually call her that sometimes.

Overnight hospital stays:  When I was 6, I had my tonsils out, that one a one night stay.  When I was 12, I had my nose fixed…not that it was a bad nose, just some internal stuff going on, and I think that was a two day stay.     When I was in my 20’s, I got very sick and ended up in the hospital for a week.   Really sick…I almost died.  Pancreatitis.   Try to never, ever get that.

Pet Peeve:  It grates my nerves that folks will not take their carts to the cart corral.   Some of them are a mere 5 feet away!    How lazy can you be???

Siblings: Two of each…all older.

Right or Left handed: Right

Quote from a movie: "And what's so wrong with being personal, anyway?  …whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal."  Kathleen Kelley, You’ve Got Mail

Time you wake up: Usually 2 a.m, 3:30 a.m.  5 a.m.  Sometimes even midnight if I get in bed early enough.    I try to roll out of bed by a quarter of six when I have to go to work.

Underwear: Why, yes!  Yes, I do.   Thank you.

Vegetable you dislike:  Isn’t an onion a vegetable?   There is just no excuse for an onion.   Period.

Yummy food you make:  Green bean Casserole.  Yeah, you wouldn’t think so, but it’s really good.

X-rays:  I’ve had a few…the last one was on my head because I had a major sinus infection.   The doctor walked in with my X-ray and asked if I had a screw in my skull.   “Uh, no.”  A previous injury?   Uh, NO!    He showed me this questionable dark spot in the middle of my forehead.    He then searched my head and found the offender…the metal spring in my plastic hair clip.    Whew!  Another one of my screws didn’t come loose!

What makes you run late:  Ole Boy!   (…and a little procrastination on my part every once in a while.)

Zoo animal favorite:  I really like otters.  And bears!  


  1. What is it with that green bean casserole-people I know who regularly cook things like Beef Wellington & Dover Sole also make green bean casserole. I don't see the draw.

    LOL @ You're breaking up.

  2. OH! I like otters and bears, too. I forgot about the otters!!!! :D Love otters as a matter of fact.

    LOL re: the screw lose.

    Bill and I have separate beds, too. :( It embarrasses me to admit it, but we do. He got into the habit after he retired of getting up every few hours. Which woke me, but didn't stop me from having to get up and go to work in the morning. Hence, separate beds. Still :(


  3. LOL; I agree with you about the onion! which I do think is a veggie! I know how old you are, but your secret is safe with me. This was cute to read to learn more about you. Lately, with Koda getting up several times a night, hubby and me have separate beds (although his is the floor, I think there's a bit of poetic justice with that, LOL) so when he finally got a night to sleep in the bed, he didn't have any room since I had gotten used to having it to myself; I think there could be an advantage to separate ones.....


  4. Carts not in the corral: Could be people have heard there's an Ole Boy who nearly killed a lady returning to her car from the cart corral and are just trying to be safe.
    That is also one of my Mom's pet peeves. She'll be 83 in May and still treks dutifully to the corral with her cart after doing her marketing.
    Sometimes I think I've spent years of my life sitting in a car in a parking lot waiting on our daughter who has a neurological disorder which has kept her from driving for the last 21 years. During all those hours waiting I've observed human culture in many forms, one of which is the failure to put buggys (we call the buggys which, as I understand, makes Yankees laugh, but that's ok. We're in Alabama & proper folk here know what we're talking about)....if you're a grammar perfectionist and noticed I added only 's' to the end of buggy rather than the grammatically correct spelling 'buggies', my intent is on shopping buggys, not people who like bugs, like LMM, a very smart, degree holding emtolmologist or buggie. She and her associates are buggies. Many southerners wouldn't know an emtomologist from an endocrinologist, hence, buggies. See how much simpler the southern dialect is?
    Want to get back to buggy corrals? Okay, here is one very good reason for buggys not being returned to the buggy corral: many handicapped people are at the end of their pain threshold by the time they've pushed their buggy around the market and finally make it back to their car. The anticipation of getting off their feet and relieving foot, knee, hip, chest or back pain by getting into their car and sitting down is paramount to an agonizing additional 20-50 steps to the corral. I've seen them take precautions to wedge the cart to the base of a light pole, curb or by turning the wheels into non rolling positions before finally collapsing with a relieving sigh on their car seat where pain is etched on their faces as their bodies readjust to another position and shift of weight on their bones. Usually, it takes a few minutes before they catch their breath or relieve pain by sitting and feel up to starting their car. Once again, they have independently made the trip which they would not put upon friends, relatives or neighbors for assistance. Sometimes buggys are left because those last steps are just too painful to take.
    I really think the Ole Boy legend is the most prevalent cause of loose buggys. ;>)

  5. Green bean casserole: Mom first made this dish C 1959 or as soon as the recipe was shared by someone in her Sunday School Class and/or Durkee canned french friend onions became available. I well recall the oohs and ahs of relatives the first time Mom took this dish to my grandmother's for Sunday dinner. Once a dish was a hit at Sunday dinner with extended family it was carried every Sunday. Sort of a tradmark dish for my Mom. Whoever brought a new dish first had 'cooks rights' on it, meaning no one else dared make that dish. If, for some reason, we weren't going to make Sunday dinner, Mom would call one of her sisters and tell them to take the green bean casserole. Permission granted, it was ok. By the time I married at 19, I knew I'd never make green bean casserole: not because it was 'Mom's dish' but because I was sick of eating it. Those TV ads around the holdays "I brought the green bean casserole" being announced by everyone as they are welcomed into the house resulting in nothing other than green bean casseroles by way of vegetables. The same with magazine adds by Durkee and Campbell Soups.
    I've eaten enough of it to last all my days on this earth and hope, if food is allowed in Heaven, it is not on the buffet.

  6. It is hoped the readed understands occasionaly lapses in spelling. In responding, my intent is to express my thoughts quickly. I should, but don't, spell check them. So, it should be entomologist and french fried onions rather than emtomologist and french friend onions. A case could be made that the original spelling, although incorrect, makes for a more fun read. lol....just my thoughts.

  7. Oops, reader and occasional!

  8. ahhh...nothing new of course. should i keep the age thingie to myself?? and!!! lol re the xray!! good and enjoyable post.

  9. In rad school before we graduate we have to become competent in a minimum of 60 different x-rays. And I have heard that the skull is the hardest to get so if you have anymore of those sinus problems just drive on up here and see me. I have told wyman that when it gets down close to the wire what ever x-rays I still need I am going to have to break those bones on him. If it was a skull I was considering a good pop in the head with one of my iron skillets but after reading your blog now i am thinking a little pollen on his pillow at night might do the trick. lol


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