Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ABC's of My Town

My first entry for the ABC's of my town.  
A~B~C is this week!

Some ABC's of the Shoals are... 

Apple Blossom from my neighbor's yard

Artwork on the side of a building in North Florence,
Home of such businesses as Bragwell's Barber Shop and
Peck Ace Hardware

Artwork Close Up

Blooms at UNA

Bridge over Shoal Creek...now closed, but it would make a
wonderful pedestrian bridge...

Columns at Christ Chapel, Petersville

Cardinals in the Snow (January, 2011)

Should you decide to play along, The Rules are simple: 
  • All photos should be current, that is, shot in 2011.
  • Try to keep the shots as close to home as possible…showcase your area as much as you can...but if you get some great vacation shots, use them!
  • It must be your photography
If you post some pictures...even if you don't do all the ABC's...leave a comment and a link so that I can see them!


  1. :D Working on it! You have some beautiful shots. Mine will be much more pedestrian, I assure you. It'll still be fun! :D


  2. you live in such a beautiful place!! That bridge would be cool to see; looks so rustic and regal at the same time! loved the one with the cardinals in the snow!!

    I'll have to think about this challenge.......

    hope you are enjoying this week!!


  3. Ahh, the blooms & the cardinals have me....

  4. great job on all the pix!! love the ones of n. florence...the bridge, the tulips...the cardinals...lol all of them are great!! here's my link.

  5. Beautiful images, the cropped tulips are my favorite!

  6. Terrific shots! Great color and detail. Here's a link to my offerings.


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