Thursday, March 3, 2011

ABC's of My Town....Sample Entry B

 (This may not be the last time you see this reminder...)

PHOTO Challenge....ABC's of my Town....




Mom's Backyard

Challenge Will Kickoff the Week of April 1, 2011

The Rules: 
  1. All photos should be current, that is, shot in 2011.
  2. Try to keep the shots as close to home as possible…showcase your area as much as you can...but if you get some great vacation shots, use them!
  3. It must be your photography.


  1. your mom has a great big backyard! do all those horses belong to your parents? I liked the buds, blooms, baby (too cute) and backyard!! It is a cute challenge to organize; good luck with it!


  2. OH! I thought I forgot about this and missed it! Glad to see that it starts in April.

    How exactly does the entry work? Sorry. Will you have an "A" post telling us to "send the As now" and later a "B" post? Or some other way?

    I forget. Sorry.

    Love that baby!



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