Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

I ignored Fat Tuesday, and I pretty much ignored Ash Wednesday.   I remember when I worked for Mr. Big, he and his brother, Squiggy, would come in a few minutes late on Ash Wednesday with ash dustings across their foreheads.   They always gave something up for Lent, and followed the no meat on Fridays until Easter.   It was pretty interesting around there.   (Just so you know, I didn't give Squiggy his nickname.   Their biggest customer did.   I gave Mr. Big his, though.   The customer had a different name for him.)

A few blogs ago, I used to write stories about Mr. Big...I should delve back into the portals of my mind and rewrite some of those.   They were so outrageous, one would surely think I was making them up.   But alas, they were all true.   There was a screaming match nearly every day in that place, and Mr. Big was always one half of the argument...sadly, I was the other half getting loud a time or three myself.   But I promise you, I was driven to it!   I worked there eight years.   I walked away with my sanity, and I didn't hate every minute of it, either.   I still consider the president of the company, to whom I answered, a friend.   And the guys in the shop were great...they are who I miss when I think of that place.

There are not too many things I'd trade for the job I have now.  I am truly blessed.   

In the middle of my 8 years, I left once for 18 months.  When Mr. President called and asked me to come back to work for him, I did.   What a mess I walked into.   The chick they hired to replace me hadn't filed anything the whole time I was away.   Nothing.    It was so ridiculous that I told the three owners that they were the ones who needed a good butt kicking for allowing it to go on.    She also didn't pay bills.   Their first clue should have been when they showed a profit for the first time in years upon years.   Fact is, she didn't even pay payroll taxes, use taxes or loan payments.   She was signing for certified letters from the IRS (who was planning to take the company) and hiding them.   She was screening the bill collectors' calls, and would finally cut a few checks here and there to stop foreclosure and dropped insurances.  

Obviously, chick had a few problems...but she almost single handedly sunk that company.   When I got back there after 18 months....lets just say there were a lot of fines, fees, interest to be paid.   I do not understand how it went on for 18 months.   There's a lot more I could say about it, but I suppose I've really said way too much as it is. 

It's 9:30, and it's really time for bed.   It's a place I like to be.

Good night, Gentle Readers....May my blog be a happy place again.


  1. I think your blog is a happy place; I do remember you working for Mr. Big since I started reading you when you were still working for him; I am amazed you lasted eight years there!

    Growing up Catholic, we had meatless Fridays most every Friday (remember that was long ago before they changed a lot of the rules); it took me forever to feel comfortable eating meat on Fridays; somehow I think that is a lot of religion (rules and regulations) rather than relationship which I think Jesus favors (over religion)


  2. I once had a minister who asked the congregation if any of us practiced fasting. Thank goodness he didn't ask for a show of hands. He went on to say that it was mentioned in the NT. I've still not gotten around to that one unless I have car trouble with no groceries in the house.

    Sorry you ever had to work for Mr. Big. I've come to think that those kind of bosses make us appreciate the good ones when we get them.

  3. I was volunteering at a food pantry yesterday & I seemed to be the only person(clients & volunteers) without ashes.

    <fondly remembers Mr Big stories. ~Mary

  4.'s been a while since i've heard any mr. big stories. they are still funny. sad, too, but funny.


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