Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blogging With Discipline...

You’d be surprised (because I don’t update regularly) how often I think about blogging.    I have great blogging ideas…when I’m not at the keyboard.  I see something, hear something, or just find myself in a daydream, and then I realize it’s a blog in the making.   More times than not, by the time I sit down to concentrate on an entry, all my great ideas and thoughts are out the window because I’ve waited too long.     My biggest problem is not ideas…it’s sitting down to formulate a plan, to spend the energy in making it come together.  

The Master Procrastinator. 
That brings me to the button…Blogging with Discipline…a great idea from Beth @ C. Beth Blog.     She suggests that by writing every day, she writes more “good stuff” than she would by writing less frequently.   It makes sense to me, and I am going to blog with discipline for a month.   Blogging with discipline doesn’t necessarily mean EVERY day, but it does mean a regular schedule.   For me, for the month of March, I will endeavor to write daily.  
Hopefully, at the end of the month, you won’t be weary of visiting me.  The button says “regular writing, occasional brilliance.”    It is my hope that we do find some brilliance. 


  1. Haha. Brilliance is good. I had a moment there, at one time, when I had a hint of brilliance in my writing. Now? Not so much.

    I look forward to your posts. :D I do!


  2. I would never grow weary of you or reading what you write. I think it is a great challenge to take up; I am the same like you; I write brillant blogs in the middle of the night when I'm trying to sleep, but forget half of them by morning

    I think it is a wonderful concept to go for this month! looking forward to seeing what you write


  3. Same thing here, I will think of a great post in the middle of the night or when I am no where near the computer. Not sure if it would have been brilliant, LOL.

  4. Ditto here! After a month in Texas culminating in our youngest son's wedding Saturday night, I must admit to the same: lots of topics, some started and interrupted then outdated when time allowed for completion, some ideas written down somewhere on a slip of paper somewhere in my still unpacked luggage. My thoughts for today's entry met with conflicting reports. Time in Texas served up many thoughts which probably need to 'cure' a bit in perspective before reaching print. I'm a new MIL all over again. Deja Vu and adieu.


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