Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 15: Blogging With Discipline

It’s late…I haven’t made my “Blogging with Discipline” entry yet.    It’s hard to be witty when I’m tired, and I sure don’t want to be serious!   That’s why I’m skipping Newsday Tuesday, because there is just no good news in the world today….as reported by the media, that is…and the only news you’ll be getting is from my own little corner of the universe:

My little Devon fell at school today and smacked his head on the gym floor.   Then another child fell on him and smacked the other side of his head.   He now has a knot on each side of his head.    I think he’s going to be fine.   Les went ahead and infused him with Factor 8 to ward off any potential internal bleeding from his hemophilia.

I managed to make it through The Biggest Loser without eating!   Normally, I like to watch all the folks work out really hard while I eat cookies.   That’s a victory of sorts for me.  (Eating cookies isn't the victory, NOT eating them tonight made me a bigger winner than Charlie Sheen.  Duh!)

I work next week, then I’m off for a week, and I’m really looking forward to it!

I’m going to a new doctor next week…really not looking forward to that, but I suppose I need to have a doctor.   It’s check-up time, and my doctor left town.   I hope he’s happy running that hospice clinic.   Can one be happy running a hospice clinic?

My eyelid is really sore.   And swollen.  And red.  I can hide it pretty well with make-up, but I don’t know what’s going on with it. 

If I weren’t so tired, this entry wouldn’t be so disjointed.   But it is what it is, and I have blogged with discipline yet again!


  1. I did NOT make it thru BL without eating. :( It is normally my ice cream eating time. I didn't have ice cream, but I had plenty of other things. :( !

    If you listen closely, you'll hear the twang of "Gloom, despair, and agony on me..." in the background. sigh.


  2. get the eyelid checked out sooner than later if it doesn't seem to be improving; glad you are going to get established with a new doctor; hope it is a female one; you know, I think working in hospice helps make one's passing a lot better in cases so I think it is an honorable thing to do if one is inclined to do so. Poor Devon!! Hope he recovers quickly! Great for not eating during Bigghest Loser (I have yet to see that show). Good for you too for vacation in a week or so!!


  3. ok...you're going to be off a week??!! whatcha gonna do? it so happens i'm off that week too! heheh and the eye...sounds like you have a chalazion (DO NOT ask me to pronounce that!). it's something i've had a couple of times in the past. an antibiotic may help you get rid of it quicker, but often it will resolve on its own.


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