Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Lord's Day

I can be such a baby at times.  (As I typed that, I remembered how mad it makes me when someone calls me a baby.)    I don’t like to stay by myself, and Ole Boy was gone last night.   Normally, I have at least two lights on in the house at all times.   When Ole Boy is gone, I will have 3 or 4 turned on.   Last night, however, I begged my daughter to spend the night after her night out.   She finally consented to do it, but she had to be seriously bribed with the promise of a Shoney’s breakfast buffet this morning.

When I woke up, my head was hurting so badly, I could have sworn I had a hangover, that’s how bad I felt.    I mean…it hurt how bad I’ve HEARD a hangover feels.   :::Ahem:::   It took two sinus pills, two ibuprofen and two naps before it finally eased up.   I fulfilled my promise to take her out to breakfast, however.

From the moment Ole Boy walked out of the house yesterday morning, Peppy knew something wasn’t right, and he started to whimper.   He sat on the back of the couch for an hour whimpering like he was in pain (he wasn’t, he already had his pain meds) until he finally fell asleep.   I put him in his kennel while I went to WalMart, and when I came back in he was doing a death howl.   It really scared me, because I had a dog to do that and die several years ago.   The silly hound was just fine, though.    He wouldn’t even go to bed last night.   He stayed on the recliner all night.   This morning, he stuck his nose in every room and took a sniff looking for Ole Boy.    Silly dog!    I will post a video one day of how he acts when Ole Boy and I hug.   It’s comical; he carries on like a baboon. 

Ole Boy called me from Nashville and asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner when he gets home.   In the words of Charlie Sheen:   Winner!  Duh!    He’s only been gone for a little over 24 hours, but I’ve missed him.    I don’t think I’d do very well for very long with my Ole Boy.    I sure He sure puts up with a lot.   I can’t imagine life without him.  

One more working week and then I’m off for a week!   I am so incredibly blessed.   If I ever dared to complain about my job, I give you permission to smack me.   But only one of you!   I don’t want folks lining up to take a turn!

I don’t know if anyone noticed (or cared) that I missed a day on my blogging with discipline endeavor.   But I noticed, as I was looking back over the month (after a co-worker asked me about my “photo blog”) that I haven’t posted any photos all month!   So…

Big Yellow Moon in a Southern Sky.... 


Ashton, Devon, Olivia

Silly boys!

Handsome boys!

Ashton is showing us how many
of his teeth are missing.

Have a great week! 


  1. lol Death howl! ;o

    We had a little cockapoo/terier mix (yeah, a mutt that looked like a schnauzer) who was the sweetest and smartest and funniest dog ever.

    Anyway, she only barked if someone came to the door or walked thru our back yard.

    One day my son fell off of his skateboard and smacked his head on the curb, fractured his skull and broke his knee. spinal fluid leaking out of his ear--the whole nine yards. He was life-flighted into Pittsburgh. The hospital was sure he had been hit by a car.

    It involved several overnights for me at the hospital. My husband worked midnight, would get home and sleep a few hours, feed the dog, and then come in.

    When we got home, there was a dead cat in our back yard. It was the neighbor's. When we told him, he wondered out loud if his cat had gotten poison that someone had put out for our dog SINCE SHE BARKS SO MUCH!

    What?! Actually, WHAT!? on several levels. I mean the dog not only rarely barked, she never left our front yead. We had a fence!

    Anyway. After some questions, the neighbor said that the dog had been barking and howling almost non-stop for the past several days. Usually she only barked like that, he said, when no one was home. :o Who knew?

    I did notice that when we got home from the hospital and she greeted us, she was hoarse. chuckle. Like I said, who knew?


  2. loved the pictures of your daughter and your grands!! beautiful family (minus one, I know Samara was "missing").

    cool moon!! we had clouds last night so we missed the moon

    Dogs as you know are very perceptive; they know when something is up, Peppy sensed something was just not right when Ole Boy left. Glad you "hooked" your daughter into spending the night!!


  3. Death howl? Love it! I once had two dogs who did a MoTown review around two in the morning. Charlene sang lead, but Esme has a long solo howl at the end.

    I'm thinking, "These are my dogs and I love them, yet I still what want to kill them. What are my neighbors thinking?"

  4. love, love, love the pix!!! your moon shots are great! poor peps....

  5. gasp!!!! you missed a day??!!!! gasp!!!!


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