Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Musings

Dear Lady at WalMart, too busy answering your phone to realize your purse was still in your buggy as you were getting into your car:
Oh, wait.   That was me.   (Thanks, Nice Lady, for calling my attention to it.)

Dear Self:
The WalMart list you made doesn’t do you any good at home while you’re shopping.

Dear Professor:
Someone lied to you when they told you your pants length was 31.   It’s 32….or more like 33.

Dear Nancy,
Mom said I better not write stories of her losing her temper when we were little.   So be sure not to mention this!

Dear Blogger:
I’ve noticed you hate…with a solid hatred…people who think/believe differently than you.   It really stands out in your writing and your comments that you are doing the very thing you accuse them of doing.

Dear America,
In view of the current world situation, will you blast and blame Obama as much as you did Bush?

Dear America,
Don’t forget to pray!


  1. I enjoy these little snippets of conversation! Do you have some super-duper gizmo that reads my mind? Ooooohhhhh. Scary.


  2. okay, now I want to know who the Blogger is. I thought the same think about Obama versus Bush. Time will tell. Definitely prayers are right.

    four more days!!!!


  3. dear'd better start praying!!!!!!!


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