Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday's Musings

Dear Lady at the Chinese restaurant sitting across from me Sunday:
I wish someone in your family would tell you how silly that phone looks hanging off your ear while you are yukking it up in public.

Dear Co-Worker:
I have some answers, too.

Dear Other Co-Worker:
I wish you hadn’t done that.   I bet you do, too.

Dear Pizza Hut:
The pizza wasn’t one of your best, and you didn’t put any green peppers on it, either.    Plus, I asked you if you had a caffeine free drink, and you gave me Pepsi.   Full leaded.    I want my money back.    Even if I did finish up the pizza today for supper.

Dear Huckleberry,
I wouldn’t have believed it, but I have missed you.   However, my finger is still sore from where you bit me, and those scratches on my legs aren’t pretty.

Dear Self:
You made your “Blogging With Discipline” entry, and you can now take your tired self to bed. 


  1. this was cute; hoping everything works out with coworkers. I never know why people talk on the cell phone at restaurants, in stores, etc.


  2. Uh, was your co-worker a certain admin from financial aid? I bet she wishes she could take back the month of March...

  3. Ahh, yes, the conversations we have in our head...


  4. I say use this format again. And also, I can relate to most of these.

  5. are you posting these on fb?? here i thought you had fallen behind. lol interesting to read your random thoughts.

  6. I dont like bluetooth phone thingamajiggies either. They look so silly.


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