Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Newsday Tuesday

What is America’s fascination with Charlie Sheen?      CBS took far too long to turn him loose.    He’s a sick man, and judging from the snipped of the video I saw that he posted of himself last night, he looks sick as well.    The airwaves will be a better place with him committed somewhere.    I don’t know whose appetite is more ravenous, Charlie’s for himself, or America’s for watching celebrities self-destruct.

Then there’s Kathy Griffin, a name that makes me cringe just typing it.    After all the insults hurled Sarah Palin’s way by KG, Sarah is asked to comment in a recent interview.   Sarah does, saying that KG is welcome to pick on her (Sarah) all she wants, but to leave her kids alone.    She also called KG a “50 year old bully,” and a comedic “has-been.”    The AOL/Popeater headlines are:  “Sarah Palin slams Kathy Griffin.”   While I think someone needs to slam KG, what Sarah Palin said wasn’t slamming.   I believe when someone says they are going to “take down” your 16 year old daughter, it would be your responsibility to address the issue.

At one time, I thought perhaps Sarah Palin would be our first female VP or President.   With some of her choices since the last election, I no longer believe that’s a possibility.

Is America’s media giving more coverage to the Charlie Sheens and Lindsey Lohans of the world than what’s going on in Egpyt, Libya, Kuwait, Iran?    Egypt alone bears watching, considering it borders Israel, a country that now seems to be surrounded with opposition.   I wonder what God thinks about that?   And God does think about things…Psalm 92:

5 O LORD, how great are Your works!
         Your thoughts are very deep.
 6 A senseless man does not know,
         Nor does a fool understand this.
 7 When the wicked spring up like grass,
         And when all the workers of iniquity flourish,
         It is that they may be destroyed forever.

God loves Israel with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3) and whoever touches Israel, touches the apple of His eye (Zechariah 2:8)   And we are told to pray for the peace of Israel (Psalm 122:6).

The Good News on this Newsday Tuesday is that God is love,
and I won’t be afraid.


  1. I agree with this whole post. :D And enjoyed the song, too.

    You know, it's funny about Sarah Palin. I was thinking exactly what you wrote just the other day. I was pretty excited at the thought of her being the next VP--now, not so much.

    She is saying and doing some things that are fairly inappropriate, IMHO. I think that's too bad because I had been rooting for her.

    We shall see. Unless Jesus comes back this fall. It could happen. Rosh Hashana will find me looking up, that's for sure.


  2. very good post. i so agree about sheen....it's ridiculous at the coverage he's received...that in itself says something about our country. i like your last sentence best...God is in control and we know that things will get bad in these last days but He has told us to not fear.

  3. I would take Kathy Griffin ANY day over Sarah Palin.
    BUT considering I found this blog from Sherlunitic Spurts, no WONDER you are a fan of Sister Sarah from Wasilliness.

  4. Anonymous, the fact that you'd take KG at all speaks volumes for you. Sherlunitic Spurts? The name of your blog? lol

  5. hmmmm, makes you wonder who anonymous is and why they chose to be anonymous.....

    I have to say, I liked 2-1/2 men which is such a not Biblical show, but the writing, the timing of their lines etc, I could sit and watch them for hours. Charlie Sheen, like I said before, needs to get his act together and be a better role model for his children

    It is interesting about Egypt. Eygpt like Israel holds a spot in God's heart; Israel definitely more but there is lots of history in the Bible that does involve Eygpt

    whatever happens too I'm not afraid, God is in control and I will trust that indeed!


  6. Don't you love it when someone gets all bold and sassy--and then signs off with "Anonymous"? Makes me laugh every time.


  7. Anonymous isn't totally anonymous. He/She is a ComCast customer located in or close to Florence using the IP address

    It would appear that several local bloggers have received harassing communications from this person. Sorry, Margaret, but I think this means you've hit the big time...

  8. You know what, since this whole topic was started by Kathy Griffin concerning BULLYING I think it only APPROPRIATE that the BIGGEST bully in the SHOALS, SHERLUNITIC SPURTS posts on this blog my IP address.
    I have NOT as stated by Sherlunitic (who LOVES to misquote and lie daily on "HIS/HER" blog) mad "harrassing communications" with other bloggers, only disputed ESPECIALLY with the "spurts" from the Sherlunitic blog LIES AND FALSEHOODS which are FREELY written in often libelous manner.
    POST my IP address: a real BULLY for you who hides behind a BLOG with NO place for public comment.
    YES, you seem like a nice person Margeret.
    BUT, if you align yourself with the likes of Sarah Palin (A BULLY, amongst other things) and the likes of those who compose: SHERLUNITIC SPIRTS AND SPOUTS, you are no better than they are.
    I hope to INCREASE the readership of your blog.

  9. Hey, Margaret. You can change the settings for your blog to disallow anonymous writers from commenting. I just did that.

    I've had my blog for over a year and had chosen to allow anons to comment until one attacked another commenter on my blog last week. (Hmmm. I just realized that that is what happened here.) It was then that I nixed the privilege. For it is a privilege.

    You may want to continue to allow anonymous comments since they can be entertaining, but I just wanted to remind you of the option to pull the plug.


  10. Well well well, controversy at its finest. Well, Marge you did say you were no longer impressed with Sarah Palin. Also, being anti KG doesn't make you pro SP! I would like to take a moment to address the real issue and that is that KG attacked (verbally) a 16 year old child. Kind of sets her up for some type of defense from SP. Can't blame anyone for defending their child!!!! If Palin is a bully it is irrelevent. Because in the situation being discussed without a doubt, a 5 year old could see, KATHY GRIFFIN is beyond a bully. She is trash!!!! But I believe the point was that Our news should be more focused on the true and detrimental events. Not the STUPID crap!
    One more point- Hypocrite -2: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings
    via Merriam Webster Online
    So, if one were to express that "hiding behind a blog" made them a bully... then hid behind an anonymous comment would that not make them also a bully. Classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Or not?

  11. Yep, back to the real issue, I can think of few whom I would prefer to KG whose God is an Emmy.

    As for the side issue, we stopped comments on our blog when a reader threatened to reveal the name of a rape victim. FTR, we accept almost any guest blogs from critics, but...they never seem to want to write one...even using a pen name. Hmmm...


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