Saturday, March 19, 2011


Little children wear me out.   Samara and Olivia are spending the night with me tonight, and I feel like I’ve done manual labor all night.    I have a feeling I know why God gives us children when we’re young!  I’m not sure I could do this every day!    Although...I’d probably lose weight.

Today, some of my high school classmates met for an informal get-together.   I didn’t go…but I’ve been looking at some of the pictures they are posting on Facebook.   I plan to go next year to the official reunion, and I let them all know that showing up today didn’t excuse them from the next one.

The last reunion we had planned…nearly nine years ago…was the same time Devon was at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis.   More exact, the day of the reunion was the day we got home, having finally found out that he didn’t have cancer after all.    It was a very emotionally and physically draining experience.    I had, up until Devon’s ordeal, planned to go to the reunion.  

If ever you are looking for a worthy cause for donations, St. Jude should be at the top of your list.    There is no way I can describe to the wonderful care two very poor kids and one sick baby received while they were there.   They were treated no differently just because they didn’t have any money.   I know this because they couldn’t have been treated any nicer. 

Because of many (sweet) interruptions, it’s taken me over two hours just to type these few words…it’s now way-yonder past my bedtime!

Good Night…..


  1. one can hope the "grands" sleep through the night so that you can too!! sweet that you can be so close to take them and spend quality time with them!! I am sure both are sooooo darling!!

    I have heard great things about St. Jude. So glad they were there when your family needed them and so glad Devon didn't have cancer!

    sleep tight!


  2. It's funny. Bill and I say that all the time about knowing why young people have children. As a matter of fact, Bill said it to me yesterday. :)

    We took Kenna, who turned 4 last month, to a natural wonder that's about an hour and a half away. (River with magnificent rapids and water falls In a river that you can walk across. It's an interesting visual.)

    She wasn't particulary impressed with the roaring water, but was keenly interested in riding her tricyckle along the river's edge.

    It's 35 degrees here....water spraying from the spring-thaw swollen rapids and falls...and all she wnts to know is if she can ride her bike there. That would be, NO.

    Anyway, we had to stop for a potty break on the way home and after I had herded her from the little store...balancing on the cement curbs...over the puddles...through the displays of antifureeze to the car..I was trying to get her into her car seat and Bill started laughing and said,

    "There's a reason that God gives young people children." And we both laughed--because we surely know the reason!

    We're exhausted. :) I must say that I enjoyed hearing that it wears someone else out, too.


  3. I hear you about the kids, I am doing the same thing, tiring.

  4. yes it is tiring to keep the grand youngins...but those are some precious times!! and i was very impressed with st jude during that time...really had planned on making monthly contributions, but never did. it is definitely a worthy cause.


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