Saturday, March 12, 2011

Six Word Saturday

When thinking of going about my business
of the weekend, guilt slides in because
of the events of the last 24 hours.  
I will be praying for the people of
Japan while I am busy finding
ways to enjoy my days off.

 Cate over at Show My Face hosts Six Word Saturday,
where we are challenged to use only six words to describe our lives...or something!

(for more Six Word descriptions, visit Cate @ Show My Face!)


  1. do have some fun today; don't feel guilty; I know it is easy to do so when we hear of events like Japan, and New Zealand a few weeks back, Haiti, Chili, etc but we just need to do what you are doing, pray and trust and like I keep saying, we just need to continue to get the message out about Jesus to a world that desperately needs to hear his message.


  2. I agree with Peggy's comment.

  3. we are all thinking about Japan - good post!

  4. Really that's all most of us can do...but it's amazing how many have prayers and are keeping them in our thoughts! Take good care!

  5. Margaret, I think your post is a form of agreeing with James who said, "If one of you says to hiim, 'Go I wish you well: keep warm and well fed,' but does noting about his physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if not accompanied with action, is dead."

    Guilt is not helpful, but when it is really not guilt, but in fct the desire to be of help--well it is helpful. :) There may not be anything we can physically do in this particular situation. If there is, we'll hear about it on the news.

    If that dis-ease your/we're feeling leads us to diligent and fervent prayer and a willingness to do more if possible, then we're being obedient to the Holy Spirit's prompting.

    He asks no more of us. I love your heart!


  6. I wish it wasnt raining here and I didnt have to do taxes or I would enjoy the day.
    Have wonderful guilt free day and enjoy.
    As japan comes to mind pray.
    Have a wonderful Blessed Saturday.
    Here from six words or less Saturday!

  7. Recluse, Thanks for stopping by today! My tea parties are FUN! I like to decorate and make simple party favors to go along with the themes too. When invited we usually bring a Hostess gift of some kind. Most of us have what we need (dishes) to host a tea party so now we look for antique items such as a pretty candy dish or fun retro apron or a tiered tray or sugar tongs or pretty stationary or a favorite loose tea or flower vase or special jams, etc, the list goes on! You enjoying have lunch with your girlfriends right? Think of a lovely lunch with your girlfriends drinking pots of your favorite hot tea and yummy finger foods!

    Sometimes we'll watch movies while we visit... but not this time cuz GWTW is 4 hours long. ha ha And yes, if you lived near me, you would be joining us dahling!

  8. Visiting back! :) Praying for Japan also! :) Do you have a GFC ?? Cant find a way to follow you?

  9. you are always so good with these 6 word memes. and i agree with one of the comments above, i love your heart...a heart for God!

  10. It was a lovely weekend here as well. I hope you enjoyed your time!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


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