Sunday, April 17, 2011

ABC's of My Town G-H-I

These are Greens…a huge field of them! I can only imagine that someone is using the crop as seed.  This was in Lawrenceburg, TN, about an hour north of The Shoals.  Look at that sky!   This was taken on Saturday, after those horrible storms rolled through the South the day before.

 Sea Gulls


Hydrants at Joe Wheeler Marina

Puts a whole new spin on Hounds-tooth, yes?

 Purple and White Irises

If you'd like to join the fun, find your G-H-I or J-K-L pictures,
and add your name to Mr. Linky!

The Rules:  
  1. All photos should be current, that is, shot in 2011. 
  2. Try to keep the shots as close to home as possible…showcase your area as much as you can...but if you get some great vacation shots, use them!  
  3. It must be your photography. 


  1. I just love that dog. ~Mary

  2. That dog is the friendliest little thing...almost too friendly! The first time I ever "met" him, he jumped in my car the minute I opened the door, and I about couldn't get him out!

  3. I think that must be Nanny McPhee between assignments!

  4. that is a great shot of the dog and so good to know that he is friendly!!! You did great for G-H-I!! We went out exploring today and took some great pictures but I probably won't post them for a few weeks (let's see next week is j-k-l, then it will be to see if that works or not with what we did and where we were at, probably can make it work. we'll see). I don't like to blog but once/twice a week so that's why I'm holding off and I'm trying to think of something great to post on Easter, God is going to have to help me on that because I got nothing yet floating in my mind. Okay, maybe a bit of something.....

    great pictures indeed! I hope you were safe in all the storms!


  5. I just love your photos. Like the others, love that hound's tooth. I also loved the field of greens & it's sky. Awesome!

    I'll work on G,H,I. There will also be a gazebo in my set--there's one right in the center of twon. Two actually, but one's used as a bus stop. I was caught up for 2 days. that's progress, right? :)


  6. i'm hearing that those yellow fields are canola fields...i thought that was what they were raising the sunflowers for, but maybe 2 diff flowers?? anyway...great, tremendous, fabulous pix here!!! really great job. i'll hafta see what i can come up with. i am so discouraged with my photography and camera right now....

  7. Gina, you never disappoint with your pix!! So you think those are canola fields? I didn't think those were sunflowers. Well, just in case, I'm going to pretend those are greens in this particular field. lol

  8. Okay, here's my G-H-I entry. I kind of cheated on G in that the photos aren't of the area, but of my grandchildren. :D I'll take a picture of the gazebo in the middle of town just as soon as we have a little more green to make up for it. Deb


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