Friday, April 1, 2011

Beware of what you comes back to you!

Several years ago, when I still worked for Mr. Big, I got a phone call.  The man on the other end identified himself as an officer with the local police department.   He told me that my daughter had been arrested for “stabbing her husband in the buttocks” with a pair of scissors.   The officer gave me a detailed description about the incident, and assured me that no drugs were involved. 

The kid and her then-hubby did have a rather volatile relationship, and Les does have a temper…but I was a little shocked.  That kind of violence wasn’t like her.  Of course, in my head I was blaming her hubby…you know, what had he done to provoke her this way?!  While I trying to figure out what to do, getting a little frantic…wondering how to keep her out of jail, I asked about the baby…little Devon.   According to the man, Devon had been picked up by social services.

At that point, Les would just have to stay in jail.  I was going to have to get the baby!    I asked the man how to go about getting Devon…I heard voices in the background, and was finally told it was an April Fool’s joke.

Cruel, yes?

Fast forward about 4 years….the week of April first.   Les was pregnant for the third time.  The boys had been born 14 months apart.   Les was getting an ultrasound, and had invited me to come along.   We were going to find out if it was a boy or a girl!  I called the tech before the appointment, and explained to her that I owed Les a really good April Fool’s joke, and would she be willing to tell Les she was having twins?   She agreed.

During the ultrasound, the tech was craw-fishing on me.   She seemed to not want to tell Les she was having twins.   So, I pointed to the screen, and I said, “What’s that?   That looks like a second heart!”   She hesitated, and I said, “That looks like twins…is that a second baby?”   The tech made a few “er” and “uhm” sounds, which made Les think that she just couldn’t confirm but it must be true, and she was getting a little freaked.   Another funny factor, with these ultrasounds…they are done with a full bladder.   ::::insert wicked giggle::::

I leaned down to Les.  I said, “Do you remember….”  She said, “I don’t want to remember ANYTHING!!!”  I said…”Do you remember a few years back when you had the guy call and tell me he was a police officer?”  She just looked at me.   I said, “You remember that little April Fool’s joke, don’t you?”   She did.   I said, “April Fool!  There’s only one baby!”

:::insert another wicked giggle:::


  1. Serves her right! You still owe her one since herws was a two-parter.


  2. Deb...I am so gullible! She has gotten me good a few times! I owe her more than one more...

  3. ohhh....wish i could play a good practical april's fool joke on someone...i had forgotten these. :)

  4. LOL!! I think I would have swatted her one with that joke she played on you!! You definitely did get her good too!!! You must be feeling better if you feel like sitting at the computer so that's a good sign!!!

    hoping no jokes get pulled on you today, but I'm thinking the biggest one started a few days ago.....


  5. I thought I was going to get by with none being played on me. But my daughter adn oldest grandson got me good this evening. I was getting really mad. So... the gig was up she was laughing and he was rolling as his mom got him too.


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