Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm Feeling a Little Molested

This past weekend, I noticed my motion detection security light was out.   I didn’t bug Ole Boy to replace it.   I’m not sure it would have made a difference…

At some time last night, between the hours of nightfall and sunrise, someone got into my car and took what they wanted.   They left a small mess for me to clean up.   One thing they took was Ole Boy’s adapter, which was a handy little thing to have on trips.   All my change is gone…only about $5.00.   I’m not sure what else they took yet.   They left my camera battery and charger…go figure!   Thankfully, I didn’t have much in my car, and they didn’t permanently mess it up.     

Usually I lock my doors.   There are times when I don’t.   I didn’t last night. (I’ll try a little harder to never let that happen again!)  I just really didn’t ever think about someone getting in my car, so I haven’t been diligent to lock my doors.  Ole Boy always locks his.

I ask God every night to protect our lives and our property, our things; then, I run down a list of my family and friends asking for the same thing for them.   I was blessed last night.    There is no need for me to ask God why He let this happen after my asking for protection.   It could have been so much worse.    At any given time, my phone, my camera, my change purse with my whole life (license, debit/credit cards) could be in my car (not so much after last night!).   All of that was safely in my house.   I have to say, “safely in my house” isn’t feeling quite as safe as it felt yesterday.

Although I don’t think God was trying to teach me anything here…I need to work on trusting God.   Right now, I want a security system.  Isn’t that a silly reaction to a few small things taken from my unlocked car? 


  1. I am sorry this happened; I would imagine you are feeling violated as that is the feeling I have had the few times we have had things stolen from cars or cars broken into. Each time, which now that I think about it, was only two times, I wanted to get the most expensive car alarm system so that if anyone just touched it, alarms and whistles would go off. With time you will feel less violated, but there will always be that element of distrust. Its one of the life lessons. Even if it was locked, someone still could have broken in and that would have been more damage. Glad not too much was taken and I'm sure it will be a reminder to always lock your doors.


  2. once upon a time we didn't lock car doors, even when away from home. on one such occasion, on a trip downtown, the glove box (for some long ago forgotten reason) was locked. upon our return, the glove box had been broken as someone wanted to rifle thru its the point of this story is, locks don't always stop someone, and will cause more damage if they are intent on getting in. of course, i think that locks are a big deterrent in preventing crime. that's something that hasn't happened in this neighborhood, and i probably have my guard down more than i should.

  3. Yes, any kind of intrusion into one's personal space leaves one feeling violated. It's an uneasty feeling that lasts for a long time, but it does pass.

    You're right in saying it could have been much worse. Things could have been ripped out of your dashboard, tires slashed, trunk gotten into. Not to mention the things that you sometimes leave in there, but didin't. Yes, God kept the damage small. And I bet you'll be locking that car from now on. So will I. :)


  4. I had a friend who felt so violated that she sold the car and bought a new one.

  5. Two and half years ago, someone broke into every car in my apt. complex. I say "broke," but only one was locked. The burglar(s) tossed a brick through the window of it...thankfully it was not mine. I did have some money taken, but at least now when I see those reports of money taken I don't think, "Oh, they're just making it up."

    I got two double motion detector lights after that. There have been some more small incidents, but nothing as dramatic. I hope this will be your only break-in.


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