Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday (Maniacal) Musings…

Dear Pizza Hut:
How can you be out of hand tossed pizza?   Can’t you just hand toss some more?

Dear Music Loving Blogger:
I like your blog, but I don’t like your music.    Usually, I’m listening to my own music or enjoying my moments of silence in a noise-driven world.   It’s no fun having to search your blog for the mute button.

Dear McDonald’s:
I don’t believe that’s sausage in your “sausage biscuit” menu item.   I just really don’t know what that is, but I didn’t eat it.

Dear Catherine:
You "tote" a knife and "pack" heat.   Do I have to teach you everything?   J

Dear Homemade Bread Lover:
Apparently, it’s not a good idea to visit the Amish expecting warm, homemade bread on a blackberry winter day.   There is no bread, warm or otherwise, and not much else.   I forget about the “no electricity” inconvenience.   I did get a wonderful warm peach turnover (right out of the skillet)!   I should have bought me two.  Oh wait!  I did, but Ole Boy thought that was for him and he ate it.

Dear Gentle Reader:
Have you ever noticed how many of my musings are concerning food?   It’s that pesky obsession thing I have going on.   Working on some changes this week.

Dear America:
Is “mother nature” the counterfeit of Father God?


  1. i really like no 2 and the last one! like button, like button!! hehe i always enjoy your monday musings. happy monday!!

  2. I agree with Gina; #2 and the last one are very good ones indeed! I too like your Monday Musings, whatever you write, you always write with wit!


  3. You know, I did a "medical musing" blog entry a few days ago....I think I stole one word from you without realizing it.
    Lots of people discuss food..that is ALL some people discuss.

  4. Margaret. :o

    Are you and yours okay? I've been watching the weather channel. !

    You may not have electricity right now, but please check in as soon as you can. If you need help cleaning up, please let me know.

    I hope the storms went around you!




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