Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That's Not God...

You can make your choices.
You can’t choose the consequences.

V  If you marry the man all your friends and family begged you to leave alone, when it falls apart, that’s not God trying to teach you endurance.  

V  If you’re in a hurry and you get a ticket going 50 mph in a 35 speed limit zone, that’s not God trying to teach you patience.

V  If you are exposed abusing your position and are publicly embarrassed, that’s not God trying to teach you humility.

V  If you spend time complaining about your job and being critical of your coworkers, when you lose your job, that’s not God trying to teach you to trust Him.

V  If you compromise your health by letting your appetite get out of control and have to go on a strict diet, that’s not God trying to teach you self-control.

V  If you get caught gossiping and people all around are mad at you, that’s not God trying to teach you to love your enemies.

V  If you slap-hazardly do your project, and it has to be done over causing you twice as much work, that’s not God trying teach you perseverance.

V  If you elect ungodly people to run your country, and the economy takes a nose dive…that’s not God…He most likely is standing back and watching you try to do it without Him.

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.   Galatians 6:7


  1. So very true in each of those circumstances listed. However, you can pray for patience and then get every single red light when you are late for an event, I think that could be God :)

    Our present leadership for our country reminds me of when the Israelites wanted a king, God gave them a king..........and sadly there were just a handful that were truly kings seeking God's heart and not doing evil


  2. I do understand what you mean. We engage the consequence when we engage in the action. Jump into the water and you'll get wet. No Divine intervention needed.

    Some of those things--tho the consequences are of your own making--could be being used by God to teach us. Like the speeding ticket thing. The speeder may have set that whole scenario up, but God--being very willing to use every circumstance--will whisper in your ear about patience. :) or self-control. or careful attention to a task.

    That's one thing about God, He never misses an opportunity to turn a failure into a learning experience. If we listen...and don't blame Him for our engagement of consequences.

    You write the best 'get me to thinking' posts.


  3. Betty...I make it a point not to pray for things like patience!! lol I've heard too many stories from folks who did...and I'm skeered!

    Deb...I started to end this post with something along the lines of your thoughts on God using those things if we let Him. That's so true!

  4. Brilliant and profound post. I once read a poster on the TD forum who thought God could have caused an accident that killed three innocent people--just to teach the drunk the error of his ways. No, God never wishes evil. Why he let's some things happen is beyond my kin...as it should be.

  5. good post and good comment from deb.

  6. Popping over from Alabama Bloggers to say hello and Nice to meet you! I love this post ... very thought-provoking. I am guilty of not seeing what God is trying to teach me most of the time. I had a real lesson in faith this week when we thought we had lost our baby. I need to be more dependent on Him all the time, not just in times of trial!


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