Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes

I do not have the vocabulary to describe how I feel.

I am…
…humbled by God’s mercy.
…in awe of a storm’s fury.
…heartbroken by the devastation.

Yesterday was a day of destruction, fear, and overwhelming loss.   The skies in Alabama were dark and threatening, violent and merciless.    Today, the skies are blue with wispy white clouds…a beautiful day that belies the ruin that befell my fellow Alabamians and Southerners a mere 24 hours earlier.   My beloved Shoals was spared by the Grace of God.   


  1. I'm so relieved that you're okay! We were really worried last night.

    There was a notice on TV this evening that there was a shortage in O negative blood. Bill will find out if the Red Cross can collect blood up here and send it down. If so, he'll donate since he is O negative.

    There doesn't seem to be much else that we can do. If you think of some way we can help, let me know.

    Again, I'm so glad you're okay and thanks for checking in. god is good.



  2. So thankful you and your area was spared and God was merciful to the Shoals and to you and yours. It is so heartbreaking to see pictures, I can't imagine living through it; prayers for the families definitely!


  3. The devastation is heartwrenching. Almost UNBELIEVABLE. I'm glad that you and yours are ok. My first time here at your blog.


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