Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bad Advertising and Procrastination

If you’re poor like me thrifty and color your own hair, don’t waste your time, money or effort on Nice’n Easy Color Blend FOAM by Clairol.  Don’t believe those badvertisements!! 

The stuff doesn’t foam well, doesn’t go on well, and doesn’t rinse out well.   Instead of a nice little tube of conditioner, it’s just a little packet, which was not enough to adequately condition, not to mention how hard it is to open a little packet in the shower when you’re wet and soapy.  And it stinks.  The jury is still out on the color itself.   If I don’t forget I’ll let you know.

Fountain at UNA

Completely unrelated and in the “who really cares” category, I haven’t forgotten my ABC’s of my town.   The weekend after the storms, I had no desire to take pretty picturesI procrastinated with the second half of my class and really got into a crunch with finishing a project and preparing for my final, which is Monday.   I intend to continue that little “challenge” next week.  

In my head, words are forming for a poem about the tornadoes that caused such destruction in the south.   If it comes to fruition, I will post it.


  1. thanks for the review about the hair color, I had seen it advertised and thought it would be easy; I need to find something to cover the gray (lots) that I can do at home inexpensively. Will be interested in reading your poem if it does come to fruition!

    I hope you have a good weekend; I'm assuming you decided to stay put and not travel....


  2. Thanks for the review. I am just plain poor and have to color my own hair. Good thing you cant see me cause you would be telling me to hit that bottle again.

  3. What class? Deb

  4. Personally- I feel that pictures are a testimony to what those people have/are going through and a reminder to all others who were blessed with no damage (this time).


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