Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Musings

·    I shouldn’t have static electricity on a drizzily day, but I do.   I hate clingy clothes.   Glad I have my travel size Static Guard.  Only, it smells like mustard.  Ew.

·    “Drizzily” is not a word according to spell check.  Obviously, the spell-check-tech never lived in the South.

·    I forgot my cell phone.   That’s OK, I’d probably only use it for wrong numbers.  Speaking of which, it occurred to me that if the man had not blocked his number, or told me what was going on when he called me, the whole text mess wouldn’t have happened.

·    There’s a man whose name I come across every now and again at work.   I never see his name without thinking of how ugly he has treated everyone I know who has had to deal with him.

·    I do not understand why parents let their children run completely wild in public.   The instance fresh in my mind is yesterday’s meal where four children ran squealing and giggling all over the restaurant where I was having lunch.   Two sets of parents continued to talk and ignore the kids.   When they left, the kids ran circles around them, squealing the whole time.   Thankfully, I was there only about 15 minutes before they left.   What a long 15 minutes.

·    My weekend was full of kids and way too short.   Last week was way-yonder too long, especially since I had to do Hump Day twice.

·    I epiphanized last night.  

·    I made “epiphanized” up, but it just kinda fits the revelation.  For as muddled as I have been, I am beginning to see things a little clearer.

·    I got my hair cut.   Too short.   Way too short.   I told her what I wanted, and the length I wanted when dry, and she…well, you know.   I like it better than my longish stringy ‘do I had, but it’s going to take some getting used to.

·    In reference to my hair color experience, the color has been just fine.   That was the ONLY thing “just fine” with that fiasco; which, in retrospect, is important.   However, the above-mentioned hair dresser informed me that my hair was being damaged by permanent hair color, and to go to DEMI-permanent, not semi- and not permanent.   Am I the only one who’d never heard the term “Demi-permanent?”

·    I’ve gotten some very interesting comments on my tornado entry, and I’ve come across other comments as well.   I’d like to gather some of those comments and comments made to my blog, and repost them.

·    I am the master procrastinator.  A great starter, a lousy finisher.  If you’ve noticed the hiatus in my photo challenge (the only challenge, of course, is my actually doing it), then welcome to my daily life.   I will finish the ABC’s (Lord willing).


  1. seems like a typical Monday morning doesn't it? static clothes, tired from the weekend, have to face the long week ahead, but it does sound good that you had that epiphany last night! thoughts like that are always good to think about and act about when you are ready to do so! interesting with the hair coloring comment and the shorter than desired hair, but thankfully eventually it does grow! hoping the week ahead is a kind one!!!


  2. LOL,,, I love it all... I had a flat this morning,, and to the man who isnt nice, instead of hoping he gets a toothache today, I shall wish him..... a reason to be nice.. :) Best I could come up with... I had a epithany too.... and I want demi hair color.... just so I'll know what it is... :) Loves You!!! Melanie PS,, only way I can get mine to post is Anomyous,,, I need an epiphany for that too... :)

  3. First. I am quite certain that "drizzily" is a word. It is drizzily here today,too. Ack.

    Second. I am also qute certain that "demi-permanent" only exist in your hair dresser.s color closet. To get it, you'll have to get it from her. (Insert evil laugh by hair dresser here.)

    Love your posts. Thanks for your prayers.


  4. Remember when we got our hair "frosted" or "streaked?" Now we get high lights and/or low lights. That too shall change in a few years. There's no more creme rinse, but conditioners and restorers and embellishers.

    How long has it been since you've seen a "car coat" advertised? I think "barn coats" were next, even tho most of us have never seen the inside of a barn. Want to buy a quilted coat online? You have to Google "Puffers."

    Don't you love semantics?


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