Friday, May 20, 2011

Rough Friday and Politics

My Friday started around 3 a.m. when Peppy decided to bark.   He wasn’t happy on the bed or off the bed.   He didn’t want to go outside, and he didn’t want a treat.   He just barked intermittently, enough so that I only dozed once between 3 and 5:30, and he promptly woke me up again.

Then, a police officer followed me into my parking lot at work and gave me a ticket for an expired tag.   I can’t believe I forgot to do that!  By the way, there is no way an officer can say “Have a nice day” after writing you a ticket and NOT sound sarcastic.   I called the courthouse to see how much that would be, and *IF* I get the tag ($109.00) the ticket will ONLY be $135.00.  :::eyeroll:::

Other than that, it’s a beautiful, sunny day, and I am off tomorrow.  J

I don’t talk about politics much because I’m AADD and it’s boring.   Does anyone really know the truth anyway?   Can anyone even agree what the truth is?   I’m not talking Biblical truth, just politics in general.

What (almost) tickles me is people who spout their opinion as fact, then go on a personal attack when asked to prove, or at least show some back up for what they put out there.   I try not to throw my opinions out too far unless I’m in friendly territory.   Having said that, I admit I do have strong opinions, and the closer we get to the election, I may have something to say.   In my blog.   I might even spout opinion as fact.  With comments open so that anyone can disagree.  

I’ve noticed, though, that people don’t like to comment negatively, they just click the “dislike” button.  Heh.   That’s what it’s there for!

I’m ready to go home and hit the recliner for a while.   Watch me some Leroy Jethro, DiNozzo, Ziva David, McGee, and Abby.  Y’all know what I’m talking about!


  1. would love to read your opinions, will probably agree with them too! wow, that is a hefty fine! No wonder the police officer followed you in to work, that's a good revenue for the state/city!

    So you do watch NCIS! It is addicting, isn't it?

    I hope the rest of the weekend is relaxing!!!


  2. Sometimes, it is good to rant!

  3. My Dad knows all that happens in the White House as if he is there personally in the meettings all day. I hear all about it but want to really say... I DONT CARE!

  4. $135??!!!! wow...remind me to never drive with an expired tag...he could've just given you a warning!! do ppl really use the dislike button?

  5. The same thing happened to me about two years ago. I will contact you with the name of an attorney. I didn't have to pay anything, but the atty did play the nurse card. I'm sure he can play the UNA card for you...assuming you're in Municipal Court. Good luck!

  6. BTW, was it Officer Hines?

  7. I couldn't read the signature on the ticket, and yes, it's municipal court. He was a motorcycle cop...but I don't know how I'd get out of it, considering I did forget to buy the thing! Aaarrg!

  8. NCIS is the only show of that genre that I watch.


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