Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tornadoes and Tests...

Yesterday, I took my final.   I was stressed about the test and mad at the world when I woke up, and my day wasn’t about to get any better.

My teacher was kind enough to let me take the test on Monday instead of last Thursday, for which I was extremely grateful.  I had to join another one of her classes to take it (it was a computerized exam.)   When I got seated and was preparing ready to start, she came over to me and told me that I could review the answers before I submitted, and could make any changes.   Yay!

Not so much.

It was 50 multiple choice questions, and it was a tough test…I didn’t even have a clue what the first three questions meant.   I just picked the best answer I could by process of elimination.   Lucky for me, I didn’t skip them thinking I’d choose upon review.    Within the first 10 questions, I had 13 exception errors (some computer glitch), and had to keep restarting the test.   That will add to a stress factor, I promise you.

Finally, about about question 11, the errors stopped, and I whizzed through the test going on my “first impression” answers.   Got to the end of the test, and…there was no way to review.  No way to go back.  No changes to be made.  I had to submit as I had answered them on the first go-through.   I made an 86, and I was mad.    I finished before everyone else (of course!  I'd was just making an initial run-through, I THOUGHT), so I didn’t want to start whining to the teacher that “I couldn’t make any changes” in front of her other class.   So I took the 86, managed to smile at her as I left, and when back to my office and whined to all of them.   I should be able to still pull an A for the class.   I’d had better.   Since I’ve started these classes, I haven’t made below an A, and I really want to keep it that way.

Question to anyone who’s willing to comment an answer…

I have some pictures of the tornado damage in Hackleburg and Phil Campbell.   I wanted to write a poem or a tribute…something….  Out of respect, I didn’t take any pictures of people…I didn’t take pictures of the tents in which they are now residing…I didn’t shoot the church that had nothing but the frame standing as the church people met in a tent nearby.   But I did get some shots of some major damage, which amounts to peoples’ lives lying in a pile of rubble. Maybe not their lives, but what they’d worked for all their lives.   My question:   Would it be tacky or heartless on my part, to post pictures with my tribute?   I’d really like some honest opinions.


  1. No, not tacky to post pictures. I know another blogger who linked blogs that showed pictures of destruction from the tornados and honestly, it helped bring it "home" to me about the diasster. You see it on TV and you kind of "tune it out" but seeing it on someone's blog who lives in the area or was affected by it really made it "real" if that makes sense. I think I would have gotten a picture of the church building destroyed, yet beyond that they still came together to worship in a tent; that speaks to me that they aren't giving up, still trusting God, etc.

    I think your tribute would be fitting and tastefully done.

    as to the final, I'm sorry it didn't come out the way you wanted it to. I think I'd chalk it up to a learning experience and move on to the next class. I do admire you for your "get go" to continue to take classes!


  2. i don't think it would be tacky...i mean, they are already out there all over the place anyway. and to post with a tribute will have more meaning and maybe raise some awareness to folks who haven't been affected. and an 86 is a good score...high enough that it shouldn't affect your overall average! so...quitcher whining!!! hehehe

  3. I agree with the above posters, I too think it would be ok to do so. With time passing by and people still needing help, I think it would be a good reminder.

  4. I think it would help to keep it front and center so people can get the help they need. Especially since you didn't shoot any people. Glad the test went well.


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