Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend's After Thoughts

Baby Olivia turned a year old on Thursday.   
These days if I blink twice, another year has passed by.

Les gave a little party for her on Friday night, in true “Mary Richards” fashion.  Did you ever watch Mary Tyler Moore?   Every time Mary threw a party, something always happened.  Friday night, Les was LesLee Tyler Moore.   Her boyfriend grilled a smorgasbord of great food…pork chops, burgers, hot dogs, shish kabobs…he was one grilling dude!   Just about the time the food was ready, (a good two hours of hard labor) the power went out, as the sun was sinking below the horizon.    A house full of hungry kids and guests, suddenly with no lights, and no air, and the power was out for a good while.   

Les was a trouper….she has learned well how to be a trouper with four children…she fixed plates for the kids and put them outside on the sidewalk for the last few remaining minutes of dusk, along with Baby Olivia, high chair and all, and partied on!    
Peppy has been pretty sick…spent a few days in the dogspital.   He had surgery at the first of the week to remove a skin lesion that was most likely cancerous.   Afterwards, the stress of the surgery was a bit much for him and he wouldn’t eat, got severely dehydrated and his sugar soared to over 600.   He was very, very sick Wednesday morning.   He was hooked up to an IV and given fluids and antibiotics.   He finally ate a little on the third day.   But he was still feeling pretty poorly.   He’s doing fairly well now, though I think the whole process took a big toll on him.    

I haven’t been very happy with this group of vets.   There are 4 of them, and three of them are quite young.   They sent Peppy home with the IV port in his forearm…leg…whatever dogs have up front.  By the time we got home and realized that under the bandage was a port, their office was closed, and the answering service didn’t pick up.   The next morning when I finally got to talk to someone, they tried to play it off like it wasn’t a big deal, but for some finicky chick (me) to take it out, it was a big deal.   And he bled a lot.   I have to tell you, dog blood on my hands first thing in the morning (or any time) is pretty gross.

I’m battling with myself over vacation this summer.   I’ve been adamant that I’m not going to wavering that I might go...but for how long?   Things got messed up a few months ago because two families are trying to plan things in two consecutive weeks.   I can’t do both, and since Ole Boy gets much less time with his family than I do with mine, I couldn’t demand we stick with the original plan.   Then, the main day for my side of the family was changed from Sunday to Monday, which pretty much ensured I couldn’t go.   And there’s Peppy…who will have to be kenneled.   So…still battling.  

I went to visit Miss Lettie this weekend.   She is now in a nursing home.   On my last update on her, I mentioned she was in the hospital.   From there, she went to rehab.   While in rehab, she fell and broke her hip, and now…she’s in her new home.   In my opinion, though she’d never admit it, she’s happier there with people who check on her several times a day as opposed to being in her little apartment day after day after day all by herself. 

I’ve enjoyed my three day weekend, and having a four day work week ain’t bad either!  I hope your week is a peaceful one.


  1. Olivia is sooo cute!! I bet the kids thought that was the neatest thing to get to eat outside like that!! Poor Peppy; glad he's doing better, but I would have freaked out too with the port! Hope you can figure out the vacation because I think it might be neat to see both sides if at all possible. Can Peppy be boarded at the vet's so if there's a problem, at least one of the four can take care of him?

    Always good to have 3 day weekends! Hope for some of it you did go out and enjoy God's creation!


  2. Beautiful granddaughter. I too had vets I did not care for that I went to because they were closer. I found out real quick the othe rvet was worth drive.

  3. OH my stars, she is getting soooo big! And adorable!! So cute, so cute!

    What ever you do on your vacation... smile and make a memory!

  4. belated birthday greetings to the lil lass...and another comment. :)


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