Saturday, June 18, 2011

And Now One About Daddy....

Phone call as I’m leaving work:

Dad:   Can you come and help me with my Spanish program?
Me:    I can’t tonight, Daddy, I have an appointment.
Dad:   Oh.  Uhm.   Uh.  
Mom (in the background):  What did she say?
Dad:   She’s going to a party.

And he’s not even hard of hearing


  1. he is too hard of hearing!! can't believe you don't realize that! i was commenting on the birds singing so pretty outside his office one day....he couldn't hear them!!

  2. Really. I hadn't seen any issues...and I figured he'd just quit listening to me when I said I wasn't coming.

  3. this was on my Dashboard as a new post, but I knew I commented on it before and yet my comment isn't here. I did comment though, didn't I?? Is Blogger messing up again??



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