Saturday, June 18, 2011

Conservation and Six Words

Lately in the Shoals, we’ve had drought conditions, and we’ve been asked to conserve water.   Yesterday, we got some much needed rain…

When I got off work, I stopped by my parent’s house for a few minutes.   They have three vehicles, two of which are usually under shelter, yesterday all three were out in the driveway.   I didn’t bother to ask why the cars weren’t parked where they usually were….I assumed I they must be cleaning out the carport.  

This morning, I got the rest of the story.

My sister went to visit my parents a few hours before me, and my sweet little mother was outside, while it was still sprinkling, wiping down her car.   Gina asked Mom what she was doing…and as she’s standing there in the sprinkles, she says, “I’m drying my car.”  Gina suggested that she simply pull her car under the carport.   Mom then explained that she was cleaning her car in the rain because we’d been told to conserve water, and she had been unable to wash her car.   

Some just do it better than others…

** Cate over at Show My Face hosts Six Word Saturday,
where we are challenged to use only six words to describe our lives...or something!

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  1. I have never (NEVER!) washed a vehicle; never taken on the the carwash--even my current pickup, which I've owned for 12 years now.

    Carwash? Pheh. We don't need no stinkin carwash!

  2. your mother looks so very sweet! too cute how she was willing to do her part!! glad you guys got some rain, hope it cooled things down for a bit.

    great 6-word theme!


  3. I just stopped over to say, "Hey!" and to thank you for your prayers. I know God heard us. Deb

  4. So sweet! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday!)

  5. What a sweet story this is! Your mama must be precious! Great 6WS!

  6. You gotta love mums - they do things with grace that we can only aspire to. Way to go mum!

  7. I like the way your Mom thinks!

  8. now that's thinking! i finally have the time to visit from 6WS!


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