Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In Peppy's Own Words...

You wouldn’t believe how much better I feel!  Why, I feel well enough to bite an ankle or a toe…or a put a hole in a good pair of leather shoes.   (I seem to remember a lot of unforgiveness when I do that, though. tsk tsk )

A couple of weeks ago, I was pretty sick; my persons just wouldn’t leave me alone to die, though.   Late one night, I went outside and crawled under the wheelbarrow.   That’s completely unlike me, so they must have known I wanted my peace, but my Hoary Headed Person got me out and brought me back inside.  (It took him a while to find me, though.  Heheh)   The next morning, my Grumpy Person let me back outside, and I drug myself to the fence, laid down, and prepared to exit this world, but my Grumpy Person made my Hoary Headed Person bring me inside again.   They took me to the jailer (where they cruelly take me when they leave town); only this time, I was put in the jail up front with needles and tubes sticking out of my skinny little legs.  I felt so badly, I didn’t even attempt to bite anyone as they stuck me.  I wasn’t listening very much, but they said something about my being severely de-cry-drated, which means you’re low on water inside.   I never cried, so I don’t know why it’s called that…but I did pee…a whole lot!    My sugar was around 600, and the doctor said that’s why I was drinking like a dog in a desert.   I thought only little girls were made of sugar and spice, but apparently I am, too.   Having that much sugar, you know I am sweet, no matter what those people I bit might say.

After a few days, my Grumpy Person came to get me.  She got even grumpier when the vet called her by name when she was bent over talking to me.   She said something about him recognizing her butt instead of her face…but I don’t know why that matters.  Butts are the way I always recognize…well, never mind.   My Grumpy Person yells at me when I go to sniffing ol’ Lucy outside.

I don’t know why my Grumpy Person has been so grumpy lately.   She keeps saying something about being hot, but really…she’s not that much.   I’ve seen better.   Ol’ Lucy’s kinda cute.   She says she can’t sleep, I hear her talk about it, but she fusses because she had to get up and let “that dog,” as she calls me, outside to do my business.  Now I ask you…if she’s not sleeping like she claims, then why be mad because I want outside?  I can’t win here…she’d put the grump right on my cute little head if I used her floor like I use the grass.     

Since I feel so good these days, I am now back to barking like a mad hound every morning until my Hoary Headed Person takes me for a walk.   I haven’t noticed him attaching my little poop bags to his belt anymore, which makes my Grumpy Person still have fits of giggles when she thinks about it.   That’s about all I have for now.

Nips and Sniffs,


  1. Well Peppy, I guess they're not ready for you yet over there across the Rainbow Bridge. So my advice is keep drinking lots of water everyday, especially during the hot weather. And remember, she may be grumpy but she loves you! Linda in Washington state where it's only 57* this morning.

  2. well, even i am glad that king unfriendly is feeling better. hehe

  3. so glad to hear you are recovering nicely, Peppy, and starting to be in charge of the house again!! She may complain, but I don't think Ms. Grumpy is ready for you to leave any time soon!! Just do what the vets want you to do!

    (really glad to hear he is doing great!! I know that is good news for you two)


  4. From experience, I'd say if Peppy's people keep up the good work, they can expect to have him for quite some time yet.

    Living in an apartment, I can't have a "Star Boarder," just babies (who scratch when they feel bad). Good luck to all of you!


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