Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Musings...

Dear Old Friend (whom I haven’t seen in years):
Remember when you told me that fast food restaurants saved the crummy food items for the drive thru (yeah, I spelled it “thru”) so that we wouldn’t notice we had the buns that were falling apart, and the cold crappy fries until we were gone?   Remember how I disagreed?    I think Jacks saved such a biscuit for me this morning.

Dear Diet:
Why are you so elusive?    What?   Because of fast food?!   :::oh:::

Dear Fast Food Restaurants:
If I go on a diet, will you survive without me?

Dear Grocery Store:
Is it cheaper to buy groceries than to eat out every day?   I haven’t noticed you being too cheap on those food prices, you know.

Dear Taste Buds:
Can you handle my cooking night after night?   Better question, can Ole Boy?

Thought for the day:   I don’t like wearing Maypop jeans.    You know, the ones that have gotten so tight, they may pop when you sit down…


  1. Too funny.

    I've often wondered about groceries vs eating out, myself. I think the cost is pretty close--at least if you cook like I do..

    I still cook as tho I'm cooking for four. (When there were four of us, I cooked as tho I were cooking for eight. Two boys, ya know?)

    At any rate, I cook too much and then send the leftovers to my sons or to my mother or to an elderly neighbor. More food for the money, but I think the cost about averages out.

    Is it really possible to cook for just two? Really? I mean could I really only cook 2 or 3 pork chops? Or half a pound of spaghetti? Or two chicken breasts and two baked potatoes?

    Nah. It is against my deeply ingrained upbringing. One must NEVER EVER set a poor table. Ever. Heaven forbid that the serving plates are EMPTY when everyone is done eating. That might mean that someone didn't get enough! Oh, my!!! sigh.


  2. dear sister, why didn't i get some of your sense of humor? just a little would have been nice. you are so funny! love ya girlie!!

  3. Love the jeans joke.

    As for eating out or at home. Based on my experience, eating at home is much cheaper if you cook for the right amount. Even if you cook a little over, reuse it the next night in a different way or take leftovers for work for a good lunch.

    We slowly cut back the amount we were fixing. We have a little leftover for one or two lunches and thats it. know what you are cooking with but not a restaurant.

    I do eat out for the following... mexican, chinese but that is cheap, and good salad ( by the time I buy the things I like on a salad it is expensive and wouldnt use it all before it went bad ( ex. chick peas, beets).


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