Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tiny Babies and Broken Arms

Ashton was born at 27 weeks, weighing only 2.13 pounds.   As preemies do, he lost a good percentage of his birth weight, and for one day in his life, he weighed a mere 1.15 pounds.   He was born with hemophilia, and as a result of that, he was also born with a bleed in his brain, which God mercifully cleared up.   He was a very sick little boy, and had to be fed through a feeding tube.    He was Huntsville Hospital's NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) for a few months.  

During a visit to the hospital after his release, he suddenly stopped breathing.   One of the techs stood over him for more than an hour manually pumping air into his little body until they were able to find a machine that would fit him. 

That's the small pack of baby wipes, not the regular size.

His little fingers couldn't wrap around LesLee's finger.

He is now a very active and healthy little boy.   Sunday, he decided to climb off the trampoline over the safety net.   Do you know what happens when little boys try to do that?

And because I'm so nice,
here's a little relief from the heat:

 More UNA

 I tagged this one some time ago with my silly moniker,
but it's the frozen falls at the Rockpile on the TVA Reservation


And here's Peppy.   Leaving.  
He says he's tired of my attitude.
He's even writing a blog about how bad it's been lately.
Should I let him post it?


  1. God is so good....to let teeny tiny Ashton grow up to be a fun loving little boy. The great physician will heal that broken arm too. I have a friend who's little grand daughter only weighed 2lbs 1 oz and was 14 inches long when she was born several years ago. She is like Ashton, active, on the go constantly and since she's a she...she talks non-stop!

  2. OH MY! What a huge break! praaaaaayin! Deb

  3. Deb, the sweet little black lady checking him in at the ER said, "Lawd, you almost made me turn white!" lol

  4. Ouch to the broken arm. I did that about his age. I was showing off to my cousin while riding my bike that I had ice cream and he didnt. I crashed and landed on my left arm but broke my right arm..... I lost my ice cream too.

  5. poor Ashton, a broken arm during summer!! But ouch!! I hope he is not in too much pain! God's hand is definitely on his life; makes you wonder what God has in store for him for the remainder of his life!! I will go and visit that blog.

    Loved the snow pictures today. We are in the midst of June gloom here; that means cool weather, lots of clouds, marine layer air, etc. Not hot here at all, in fact a bit cold.

    loved Peppy's picture; I hope he is feeling better???


  6. what can i say?? i'm tired and being silly, but ya do have some great pix here...but ice and snow in june???

  7. Well, of course in June. It can't be heat relief in January! ☺

  8. Love the birthday pic. And the tiny, tiny pictures. HH NICU is a wonderful place. Followed over from Alabama Bloggers…

  9. Nice to meet you. Cute little boy you have there. I am in HSV too. Followed you over from Alabama Bloggers.


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