Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm not just saying it because they're mine, but they sure are sweet

The weekend has been filled with children and Wii…dance contests, baseball and Super Mario.  Friday night, Ole Boy’s grandson, Jayce, had his birthday party.  Saturday, the boys spent the night with me, and today we grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, and shish kabobs for the kids…which by the time it was underway, was a total of 17 people, counting two babies and Ole Boy and me.  (Ole Boy and I are NOT the babies, just in case you wondered.)   It’s a beautiful day…but it’s very hot…so sitting inside eating burgers and ‘dawgs just seemed like the perfect thing to do (poor Ole Boy...he had to stay out in the heat until the grilling was done).   Pictures from Friday’s party (and it was HOT HOT HOT in the park that evening):

Devon and the Birthday Boy, Jayce

My handsome Devon

Ashton...I told him to look pitiful.  lol
Behind him, to the right, is Ole Boy's other grandson, Sebastian Cale,
who has a bit of a black eye after a run in with a McDonald's table.

Ashton...his normal happy self.



Olivia and Devon
Her face is covered in cupcake icing.

Boomer, Les and Samara

This one was taken on Easter (not taken by me).

We went to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, yesterday morning, to the Amish community.   We can always find good peanut brittle and the best homemade fried pies.   The prices on fresh vegetables are better than any Farmer’s Market you can find, and fresh picked that day, usually!    I’d love to take pictures of them, but of course, they don’t want that.   I did; however, snap a picture of their hay bundles and their onions, which they let grow on top of the soil.   Since I don’t eat or grow onions, I don’t know if top-of-the-soil normal for those stinky things.

Ole Boy snapped this one.


  1. My cousin has an Amish family building her house on her farm in Nathalie, VA. She also thought you could not take pictures of them. The builder said that you may take pictures but they can not pose and prefer for the face not to be in the picture. You may want to ask.
    This surprised her because she had talked to him before as to why his district moved from PA to VA. He said it was to get away from the tourists. He has a booming building business in that area.

  2. beautiful grandchildren, you and Ole Boy are truly blessed!! your daughter's four are beautiful/handsome!! Other than the heat, the party sounded like fun!!

    your trip to the Amish country looked interesting too; I'm sure it is fascinating to see how they live and buy their food; I'm sure it is delicious!!!

    sounds like a great weekend!


  3. a full and blessed weekend! i love that last pic of the kids...who did take it?

  4. They are beautiful. I am so glad I got my cast off. I hated it. Fresh vegetables sound wonderful. I think all ours are under water.

  5. I just gotta say...again...those are some good looking children!! lol


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