Monday, July 4, 2011

Internet: A Necessity!

I've been on vacation!  

There was no internet in them thar hills (Gatlingburg/Pigeon Forge), at least where I was staying there wasn't.   I survived, but I assure you it wasn't easy!    I saw bears...the first time ever, in all my visits there, I've never seen bears in the wild.  Also, I saw a scarlet tanager and a indigo bunting...beautiful birds! Pictures?  Glad you asked!  They are awful.  However, my sister got really good pictures, and as soon as she posts them, I'll steal some to share.

VayCay details later.


  1. Welcome back! :D It sounds like a wonderful time.

    Speaking of wonderful times... I started a low-carb diet over the weekend. hahaha. Yeah. Wooonnnderful time. :D lol


  2. really, you saw a bear? I never saw a bear the whole time we lived in Montana and went to Yellowstone! How neat!!

    but no internet! horrors! how do they survive??

    glad you got home safe and sound; looking forward to pictures and details as you can!


  3. While I do enjoy looking at nature, not having internet available would drive me insane. Just knowing I can't access it to blog or check facebook, well lets just say I wouldn't be a happy camper lol....


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