Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday's Thunderings

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Since I haven’t posted a Monday’s Musings in a while; I’ll do some “Thunderings.”   

Sports Thunder:
·    Why do Auburn Tiger fans shout “War Eagle?”  
·    Why is Bama the “Crimson  Tide” and not the Bama Elephants?   (Elephants could easily roll right over an eagle.)
·    What was offensive about the name “Atlanta Braves?”

Police Thunder:
·    Yesterday at 4:10 p.m., a Lauderdale Co. Deputy Sherriff zoomed by a well-signed and brightly painted crosswalk without even slowing down…and there was a student already in the road trying to cross.  He stopped for the traffic light less than a quarter mile from the crosswalk.   He obviously wasn’t on an emergency.   If I post his car number and tag number, would I be hunted down and ticketed in retaliation?

Ole Boy Thunder:
·     Naw.   Better not go there.

Puppy Thunder:
·     Roscoe now owns the house, us, and all our things are his to chew.   It doesn’t take Ole Boy and me long to spoil a dog; he doesn’t even have a clue he’s a dog.   I think he lost sight of that the day after I brought him home from the pound.

Grammar Thunder:
·    It amuses me that often people think they’re speaking properly and use “I” instead of “me.”   TV folks get it wrong a lot!

Donut Thunder:
·    Had two this morning.   What diet?

Stolen Thunder:
·    “Now remember, Jayce, if a bear gets after you, you don’t have to run fast, you just have to run faster than your grandmother.”

Mother Thunder:
·    My mom called me flamboyant.   I hope she didn’t mean it.  I hope she just meant I was friendly.  Or colorful.  Maybe I shouldn’t wear that bright blue and yellow blouse again.  

Blog Thunder:
·    My blog is messed up.   Well, “messed up” isn’t accurate.   It appears I have exceeded my limits on picture posting, and it’s going to be a major undertaking to undo/repost pictures in a photo organizer/sharing program.   Arggg.

Big, Big Thunder:
·    I am learning to seek Him first, and His righteousness.   A renewing of the mind.  A new me.  This is the day that the Lord has made, and I will rejoice, and again I say rejoice in it.


  1. :D I loved this post. :D

    The dog part----now I really, really, really want a puppy.

    The bear and grandma...LOL!

    Flamboyant--could be called worse things.

    Ole boy --- yeah. probably wise to let that go

    Re: thunder. Last week, it thundered, almost non-stop, for over two hours. No rain. It was totally freakey.

    The "I" use. Whom, too. sigh. Annoys me. Except for when I do it. :}

    God is good.

    Love you, Margaret.


  2. sports thunder: why do they say 'roll tide'?
    police thunder: they don't hafta follow the rules...didn't you know that?!!
    ole boy thunder: oh come on, thought you were braver than that!! lol
    puppy thunder: and here i was thinking ole boy brought him home...
    grammar thunder: all's i can say is i try to get it right...honest i do.
    donut thunder: thankfully, donuts aren't much of a temptation to me...really.
    stolen thunder: who made the remark and to which gm were they referring? (see, i probably got this all wrong grammatically...umm...whatever.
    mother thunder: ROFLOL i'm sure she meant your top was colorful and no you shouldn't stop wearing it! :)
    blog thunder: so they limit how many pix you can post??? guess it's a good thing i'm not posting many to my photo blog, hmmm?
    big, big thunder: best of all...and right on!!! me too!!!

  3. I liked your thunder post; too cute all over the place. Glad Roscoe is ruling the roost! Doesn't take long does it? I'm glad he is settling in and chewing his way around the house!

    Sometime when/if you have time, and if you want to, you should listen to the faith series the church did; it is a good one; I find myself referring to my notes a lot. Google Rancho Vista Church, Chula Vista if interested.

    Have a good weekend!



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