Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's Michele Bachmann's Fault!

Alas!  The NRR has been broken.  I would be disappointed that I didn’t make it a month if I were actually going to win an award.  But surely, it can’t be my fault!  After church, Ole Boy said, “I’m really tempted to give in and go to a restaurant.”    I was pretty hungry, and I really, really wanted to go, too.   But I didn’t want to be the one saying, “Let’s do it!”   So, I said, “You decide.  I’ll be submissive.”   (Just like Michele Bachmann.  Heh.)  Within the hour, we were feasting at the Mongolian Buffet.   We’ll now continue on restaurant-free until the end of the month.  It should be easier now that we’ve had a fix.

Afterward stuffing ourselves, and since it was right next door, we waddled over to Kmart.   I haven’t been in there in years, but I’ll probably go back.   The store is cleaner and way-yonder less crowded than WalMart…and they have smooth-moving buggies!   I don’t have the good sense to check prices, so I don’t know how KM and WM compare.     

Did you read about the guy in California who switched out the country music CD’s ?   He replaced his old collection of Jerry Reed, Flatts and Scruggs and the like, for the newer artists such as Taylor Swift and Rascall Flatts.  The cashier lady who caught him was interviewed, and she called “Flatts and Scruggs” Flats and Smugs.  I had to laugh…until I realized how old that made me, to remember them from the Beverly Hillbillies.  (In my defense, I was watching the reruns when I was a kid, not the original showings.   But I digress.)   The CA CD-switcher got caught, and is now threatening a lawsuit because he was doing the community a favor by introducing them to some culture, and WalMart had the nerve to destroy all of the CD’s he switched.

I have a new addiction:  Huffington Post.   Oh, the stories I read!   I am alternately amused and aghast at some of the comments made.  If the world is as messed up as many of the comments would have me believe…it’s a scary thought.   America is so deceived.   Let’s face it…we have real live, breathing people, walking around, able to drive a car and go on dates…roam around free in the streets who think the garbage Kanye West puts out is music!  Now there’s a CD that should be replaced!   Of course, others may be alternately amused and aghast at some of my comments, too.   I do tend to be sarcastic and instigate (imagine that).

Question for you:
I’m having issues with my computer that I don’t seem to have when I use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.  However, Firefox won’t let me sign into Google, which is where my blog is.  What browser do you use, and why?


  1. I use Chrome for a browser... it took some getting used to but it works great.

  2. firefox...i don't have any problems with signing in to my blog, whenever i do that is. hadn't heard about the ca dude...wonder if he's really as stupid as he sounds?? roflol...finally you've learned submission. hehehe

  3. I had to go to Foxfire because I couldn't leave comments with Google.

  4. proud of you for getting through almost half the month without going out! That is a great accomplishment!! You guys did great! And I know you will finish the month strong with no more eating out :)

    I switched to Chrome a few months ago when Blogger was giving so many problems and haven't had any since then :)

    enjoy the week ahead!


  5. Oh girlfriend, you made me laugh out loud with this one.


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