Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Musings

Dear Mom and Dad:
You bless my heart most deeply.   It is my desire to one day be as gracious and thoughtful as you both are.  You are much appreciated, and very loved.

Dear Co-Worker #1:
Wow!   I’d like to know how you pull that off every week.   Every day, actually.

Dear Co-Worker #2:
This week, I hope??! 

Dear Huffington Post:
How quickly I became disenchanted with you!   Yours shouldn’t be the only viewpoint allowed. 

Dear Mayor:
I’d be interested to know, from your own mouth, why it was you didn’t speak to Sweetwater’s guest of honor.  You’ve caused a little bit of a stir!  Has anyone asked you personally for your reasoning?   We’d listen, if you’d care to share.   (Did you even know you were on the hot seat?)

Dear Me:
You, perhaps, haven’t forgiven Local Blogger…it’s not really that big of a deal, but we all know how you hate to be ignored.   Time to forgive and forget…which doesn’t mean you have to revisit the blog, but it does mean you never have to think about it again.  I think you can do that.

I respect your decision to keep your store closed on Sunday to honor the Lord’s Day.  I also think it’s commendable that you purchase full page ads in the local newspaper each Easter and Christmas.    And don’t think I haven’t noticed the praise and worship music playing when I shop there.   I do love your store!
I also respect your decision to close on Sunday; and I love how your express Christianity throughout the restaurant.   Your catfish ain’t bad, either!   MMMmmm!

Dear Big Fish Games:
When is the last time you came out with a new game that didn’t have a vampire, ghost or witchcraft theme?     I don’t buy my angels games with such nonsense.   :::::looking around:::::   Did I just say that?  The queen of late night scary movies in the 80’s??   When did I grow up???


  1. Whew! For a minute there I thought my sometimers had kicked in and I had forgotten to publish a comment. If I ever do forget, holler at me lol.

  2. I do love you girl!! :). PS. As for the sleep, have you tried the hormone pellets? Awesome!! :)

  3. ditto on mom and dad...
    right on to yourself!
    it's great to see business that keep Christ upfront and personal. it always blesses me to hear Christian music being played in a business. and i don't remember you being queen of late night scary movies? but that last comment made me laugh. enjoyable post!!!
    happy monday!!

  4. That is nice to see businesses honoring the Lord's day and being closed on Sunday! And playing praise music! Neat!! I don't think that would happen here much.

    I find it very difficult to go back to a blog that removed a comment of mine or didn't post it. I'm not a fan of comment moderation at all.

    Your parents sound wonderful! I know you know this, but TREASURE them!!!


  5. Gina, your sister-in-law and I went through a period of watching every scary movie we could find...until I couldn't get the images out of my head, even days later. I hate that stuff now.

  6. Thank you, are a very special person! You have the biggest heart, and I admire you!


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