Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Musings...

Dear Gentleman in Jacks:
I watched you yesterday as you sat down to eat your breakfast.   You were nicely dressed, I assume you were headed to church after your biscuit and coffee.   I saw you bow your head and give thanks.  It wasn’t a short prayer, perhaps you had things on your mind to discuss with God.   I felt tears sting my eyes because you reminded me of my dad, and I know that he would pray over his meal the same way you did.   I wondered why you were alone…was your wife sick?   Had she died, and you were all alone?  Had you divorced some years ago and never remarried?  Had you ever married at all?   I wondered if my own dad would go out for breakfast if my mom wasn’t with him…I asked God to bless you, to give you peace like a river, joy in your heart, and much laughter.

Dear God:
This morning when my alarm went off, there was a preacher describing a poster he’d seen of a broken, drunken, homeless man, with the caption, “You only love Jesus as much as you love the person you love the least.”   I thought of my visit at Jack’s yesterday, and how the gentleman who prayed (and obviously knew You) got my prayer for blessings, joy, and laughter.   But, as I was leaving, I had noticed another man with scraggly long hair and beard, dressed in not-so-nice clothes, eating his breakfast alone.  I didn’t say a prayer for him, and I didn’t give him a second thought until this morning after I heard the radio message.   Please forgive me.   I ask You to bless that man today with peace like a river, joy in his heart, and much laughter.  And if he doesn’t know You, please put someone in his path who does, and let his heart be opened to receiving Jesus as his personal savior.   Amen.


  1. You just touched God's heart with this post--and mine, too.


  2. Beautiful post, Margaret. How guilty are we all?

  3. great reminder for us to reach out to the least, lost, last, the ones we would rather not have much to do with, but Jesus would be there reaching out to them.



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