Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Newsday Tuesday: The Casey Anthony Edition

::::What's Disturbing About Casey Anthony::::

The latest on Casey Anthony, as if the world didn’t know, is that she must return to Florida to serve a year of probation for check fraud by August 26.   An exception has been made in her case, and her address will not be made public.   I imagine it won’t take folks long to figure out where she is staying.

Casey was found not guilty of first degree murder, manslaughter, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter of a child.   Do I agree with the verdict?  Not necessarily.   Do I think Casey willfully murdered Caylee?   Probably not.   Did she somehow cause Caylee’s death?  Probably so.    If Casey did, indeed, coldly and willfully murder her own child, she won't get away with it, even if she's not in prison.  And pay she will, whether she did it or not; she is the most hated person in America right now.     

On the extremely slight chance that Caylee’s death was an accidental drowning, Casey's actions in the days following…those actions of a very disturbed young woman...show a cold-hearted mother, because as we all know, she knew her baby was dead.   I have to admit, it’s not easy to want to love her, forgive her, or help her.  I believe that is just what God would have us do, though.  Forgiveness.   Those of us who believe know that Caylee is in Heaven.  If Casey confesses her sins, asks forgiveness, and accepts Christ as her personal savior, she, too, will be in Heaven.

It is disturbing that a young child lost her life, and no one can say exactly why.   Equally disturbing is the fact that Casey hasn’t taken any responsibility for Caylee's death.   Yet, it is also troubling the glee that I see on Facebook, in blogs, in comments of people who so badly want Casey to suffer harm.  A Facebook "friend" deleted my comment and blasted my suggestion that the reason the jury found her not guilty is because they weren’t presented enough evidence to send a young mother to her death or to prison for the rest of her life.   That’s a mighty big decision to make!   My Facebook friend, even though she only watched on TV, will believe nothing other than Casey is guilty of first degree murder.  But only God, Casey, and Caylee know for certain what happened that fateful day.

It’s not my place, as a Christian, to judge Casey, to brand her, or place guilt on her.   I’m thankful that God's mercy is available to Casey Anthony, because if it wasn't, it wouldn't be available for me, either.


  1. Think about the Waldrep case in Franklin County. Did he intend to murder his child? I doubt it.

    Since we don't have 1st Degree Murder, we have Capital murder, and that applies to killing anyone under the age of 14, Waldrep will now serve the rest of his life in prison...unless someone down the road gives him a reprieve.

    And conceivably all because no one ever told this uneducated man that under no circumstances do you shake an infant.

  2. good post. i'm glad that God is our judge and is just and merciful.

  3. Shoalanda...I searched ShoalsCrime and ShoalandaSpeaks, but couldn't find anything on Waldrep so that I could read up on the case. If you guys did a story on him, shoot me over a link, please.

  4. I totally agree with you. I makes me sick that people are willing to hurt her. If they do that then they are no different than she is. I have chosen to let hate consume me. Like you said only god knows what really happened to Caylee.

  5. She's staying in my town. All the local news already took photos of her shopping at the Old Navy not too far my house. I thought it was kind of weird the local news decided it was newsworthy to show us who is living here.

  6. Man - I agree - it is hard to imagine!

  7. The whole situation is just so sad. But you are right, we need to forgive and allow God to judge and to work. I would have agreed with you, the jury just didn't have the necessary information they needed to make a conviction. It is sad others can't look at the eye of the law and how it is formatted but what to be judge, jury and hangman at the same time. I am sure, like a lot of other sensational cases, we'll never know the truth of what really happened (at least on this side of eternity).


  8. Well. I undertand where you're coming from with this psot, Margaret, I do. I have forgiven my DIL despite what she has done--despite the pain she is still causeing--despite the fact that she has not apologized or even stopped lying. But God has not. Yes. I do know that.

    God does not grant unsanctified mercy. God grants mercy and forgiveness when a person admits their sin to Him and repents. His rules, not mine.

    Mine is to forgive, regardless. I am not required to be deceived.

    I'm pretty sure that dancing in nightclubs after having applied duct tape to your two year olds nose and mouth so that she can neither exhale or inhale...and struggles to do both until she dies, thrashing, in panic and in pain..doesn't qualify as repntence.

    If you want to play the "let's pretend it waas an accidental drowning and Casey was helping to cover it up", that doesn't explaine the great fun she exhibeited in nightclubs...or the duct tape. Funny way to make an accidental drowning look better. Really.

    While I do not wish Casey harm, would do nothing to make her life more miserable, and would even welcome her into the kingdom if she confessed the truth and repented--I'm not willing to play pretend.

    That duct tape killed her baby and she carried her baby's body in her trunk until the odor of death could be smealled from the outside of it.

    Odds are that Casey is a sociaopath--or has a significant dissociative disorder. Someday, it's likely we'll know. If I'm right, she'll be in trouble again...it won't be her fault again...she'll be the heartwrenching victim of circumstances again. And some big strong man will come to her rescue...again.

    But it won't be Jesus unless she tells the turth of what she did and asks God's mercy. ...I'm betting she won't.

    If a miracle happens and she honestly falls to her knees before Jesus (as opposed to just one more con), I'll be applaucing
    from the sideline.

    Like I said, I understand your heart. It's always a good thing to be willing to forgive.


  9. Deb, unfortunately, I expect your thoughts are more true than I like to think. I always want to believe a mother wouldn't....but mothers do, sometimes.

    Yes...the greater possibility is that she will be in trouble again. I really don't think she'll be rescued a second time. Kinda like OJ, who I believe never dreamed he'd serve a day in prison for his Las Vegas escapade, but, indeed, he is now serving 33 years.

  10. Even though I have no right to judge, I have a lot of contempt in my heart for her. I'm glad that the story is out of the news (for the most part) these days, because I felt like my morning started off terribly for months as the trial was going on. I am ready for the world to move on.

  11. A very good post. It is so hard to forgive, but sometimes even harder to understand how much WE need forgiveness.

    Even though 99.9% of us won't ever do such drastic things as Casey probably did, we still hurt people we love all the time in smaller ways. Those are wrong too.

    So thanks for sharing your viewpoint. May we all be more giving of grace because we definitely need to receive grace!


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