Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Morality or Bigotry?

Kathy Griffin was bragging on Conan about calling Michele Bachmann a “bigot to her face,” which happened a while back, I believe.   After watching a portion of the video, I left this comment on the story in The Huffington Post:

KG is morally bankrupt. She has a great deal of talent, but apparently thinks the only way to use it is by being as raunchy as she can possibly get.

I riled folks with my comment.   I shouldda known better!   (To the best of my knowledge, the only time I’ve had “dislikes” on my blog is when I made a statement some months ago that KG and Joy Behar needed to shut up.)   Here’s a sampling of the comments I got for my statement yesterday (all comments are exactly how they were posted by the commenters, misspellings and grammatical errors and all):

How does her being raunchy make her morally bankrupt? I don't get it.
Then you aren't trying.  However, I didn’t mean she was one or the other, I meant she’s both.

you have to remember, cons say being "morally fit" means following a 2,000 year old book of fairy tales which tells them to dash thier children against rocks and such =)   
By “cons” I imagine you mean “conservatives.”  I wish you understood exactly what Jesus Christ did on the cross.

she is a comedian..­..not a Southern Baptist minister, who are really morally bankrupt!  
I’m not Southern Baptist…but I suppose if they are preaching about immorality, some wouldn’t like that.  After all, if there’s no truth in the Bible, then there’ll be no day of reckoning. (I firmly believe the Bible is the word of God, and is all true.)

If you want to see "morally bankrupt", check out the republican leadership­!
Hopefully, come next year, we will have a brave Christian in the White House.  It’s my fear that one day, no Christian American will want to deal with the all-encompassing personal attacks that come with being in office.

so being raunchy = being morally bankrupt?
Already addressed, see above.   However, your equation may not be so very far from wrong.

There is no such thing as morals.  What you are referring to is just a man-made list of rules used to control you; and it's working.  Takes all kinds, I suppose ...
It scares me that even one person might believe this.

Ignorance is not a virtue.
I agree.   And deception is rampant.

That's her brand. This is America. Deal.
Yes, I got it!   Deal with people like KG, but not those like Michele Bachmann.  See next comment.  

Who are you to decide she is morally bankrupt? Did Michele appoint you god while she is busy campaignin­g?
I have to admit the comment I made was only my opinion.   KG appears to have no morals.   However, since I so boldly said on my last post “When I become perfect... until then, I’ll leave it to God” I should have reconsidered posting the comment.

She is a comedian to bad Bachmannn didn't know that...PS she, like anyone in America, does have the right to question bigotry towards gays or is that against the new right wing rules....?­??
Morality isn’t bigotry.    My comment was that KG was morally bankrupt and raunchy, so I am not sure about the “new rules” to which you refer.

One last thought:  Perhaps, even though I stand by what I said, and do not apologize for it, I didn’t have to say it.   


  1. I heard her accept an award and she said something like why do people thank God? I thank me!

  2. everything is so widely accepted these days, people don't even recognize immorality. i really pray for a spirit of repentance and revival for america...'blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.' we need God in america again!

  3. You know, it is a bit tiresome to be self-righteously told (by word or insinuation) that we are not to judge, even tho we aren't judging at all. We are only stating our response to what someone has publically said or done.

    Is that really the kind of "judging" that God says not to do?

    Although Scriptures clearly say we aren't supposed to judge--this is referring more to a judgment of a person's worth or their ability to be redeemed. It is also a caution against being hypocritical.

    God is NOT telling us that we should refrain from evalutating a person's actions or the evident belief system that their words reveal. He is not telling us that we shoud be quiet about our conclusions, either.

    Although, sometimes He does tell us to be quiet and refrain from casting our pearls before swine--seeing how they tend to trample pearl-bearers. But that is not r/t judging, it is related to our earnest desire to speak truth to those who aren't... well, I'll leave that for now. :}

    Back to judging. Just for argument's sake, suppose you were saying raunchy things, defending behavor that the Bible says is sinful, and demeaning someone who is standing for morality.

    THEN, after those kinds of thuoghts proceeded from your own mouth, you criticized KG for doing exactly what you had just done---Aha! You would be doing the kind of hypocritical judging that God said we ought not do.

    If you added the pronouncement that KG was not worthy of being saved and, no matter what she did, would never be granted salvation, then you would be doing the kind of judging the Word says that only God gets to do.

    You did not do either of those things. You allowed your brain to function as you listened to what KG said, compared her words with what God has said, and determined that they did not match up. And said so.

    That is rooted in Biblical instruction. God has told us that we would know a tree by its fruit. That implies judging fruit--or words, deeds, and results--to see if they're "good". And we know what's good by what the Bible says is good--and what it says is NOT good.

    NT writers were pretty keen on doing that kind of "judging." For example, Paul slammed the Galatians for getting into legalism--wasn't that judging their behavior and finding them wanting? I'm thinking the rebuke started out something like, "Oh, you foolish Galatians, who has deceived you..."

    I'm pretty sure Paul knew the rules about if he called them foolish and then proceeded to tell them how wrong they were and why...that must not be the kind of judging, or opinion sharing, from which we are to refrain.

    Just sayin.


    (Please forgive any typos, I can't see the comment screen well enough to catch them all. Sorry.)

  4. Hahaha. I forgot that your other blog is called "Casting Pearls." Too funny.


  5. Heh..I caught that casting pearls thing, right away. The main reason that blog is called "Pearls" is because "Margaret" means pearl.

    Thanks for the comment above. I hadn't really thought of judging in the way you described it above, judging one's worth or ability to be saved. Makes perfect sense.

  6. I read this, this morning but was trying to get my thoughts together in my head. What always surprises me is that there are "bashers" out there like KG who would say something like that to someone who has a faith or a belief or goes against what they think is right. I know of at least one blog and I'm sure there are many more that "bash" Republicans, people of faith, etc. It strikes me that people of faith don't "bash" like that.

    I don't want to say I feel sorry for people like that because I don't want to take a superior attitude, but I feel sorry that they feel they have to attack others that they don't share the same view points with.

    I thought your comment was an appropriate one. I think there is a lot of moral bankruptcy out there (look at the recent lootings, etc in England) and I think it will continue to get worse before it gets better and the better means we'll be looking up at the sky and our Redemption will be here.

    People get defensive, i.e. the comments you received, when it strikes a nerve. I'm sure you striked a lot of nerves with those that read and commented.


  7. I agree...the likes of KF & JB are so threatened by anything remotely resembling a faith based stand. They've done the same thing to Sarah. I'm happy to say that not all celebrities agree with their bashing but I know some them do but they have a little more class so they let KG & JB (and others like them) make fools of themselves. It's sad but in reading God's word....this type of behavior goes back to the beginning of time. I take comfort in knowing that God is still on the throne...he knew about all this stuff before it happened and he will deal with it in his own time. Meanwhile, we need to be praying for our country and for it's leadership. God bless our world.


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