Monday, August 1, 2011

Who Will Survive?

For someone who’s spent uh-lot of time in restaurants and fast food drive-through lines, choosing to go a whole month without one tasty restaurant morsel can be a daunting thought.   But after going through my little checking account for the months of June and July, I realized that I toss uh-lot of money in those places, as well.   After mulling it over all last week, I made a commitment to not eat out, not even take out or drive-through, for the whole month of August.   

Of course, now I have to deal with my own cooking.   Poor Ole Boy.    Poor me.  Poor Shoals economy…erm…will any of us survive?    Right now, I am strong in my decision.   By lunchtime, I’m sure I’ll be wanting some Taco Bell.   I am determined to follow through on my commitment, however.
Roscoe has really grown!   I’d show some pictures, but I have reached my picture space capacity for this blog, and can’t remember my Photobucket password…and…I don’t have any new pictures of him.  His first vet visit was Saturday.  He didn’t like that very much.   He weighs 9 pounds, and he’s estimated to be 14 weeks old.   Nine pounds already!   I hope he doesn’t end up being a 45 pound dog…it would be hard to keep him in the house at that weight…he already thinks he owns the place.

There was an extremely chatty, nerve-wracking man at the veterinarian clinic Saturday.   His cat was sick, and he’d brought her in without an appointment.   While his cat was being examined, he talked, and talked, and talked…to everyone about anything.   Then the doctor called him back and talked to him for a little while.   The man left in tears and without his cat.    I don’t know what the diagnosis was…but it was less than a month ago that we left a vet’s office heartbroken.   I have thought about the man several times this weekend.   I know his pain.
Since I’m already seriously cutting into my calorie/sodium intake with the No Restaurant Rule (NRR), I have decided to eat a little less quantity and a little more quality food.   Who knows?   I may lose a little weight.   

Have a great Monday, and an even better week!


  1. Good luck on the not eating out thing. You can do it. And btw, Flo Bama has opened in downtown and I hear they have some good food. lol...

  2. You can do this!! Let me know if you need recipes or ideas. We had to do this based on our present budget (and it does get easier with time) and honestly, I don't miss the dinners out (too much) or the fast food. It is healthier!! Best thing to do is to make a menu plan for the whole week at one time and then when you shop, get what you need then for all the meals. It helps to make sure you have adequate food at home so you aren't tempted to go out! you can do this!


  3. Margaret, you should check out the Maker's Diet if you haven't already. It's pretty interesting and full of good ideas. As with anything balnce is key but all these boxed,frozen,lowfat, sugar free stuff we think is good for us is NOT.
    Let me know what you think

  4. So good luck with your diet and y our not going out to eat - that will be tough - but you can do it!

  5. Good for you for swearing off fast-food for a month - no doubt we'd all be better off if we did the same.

    I was going to sign on to FOLLOW you but couldn't figure out how to do that.


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