Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CoWorkers, Candles and Lunch

The Cast:
CoWorker B, CoWorker K-K, CoWorker K

The Candle:
CoWorker B bought a new blueberry scented Yankee Candle.   The whole office smelled like freshly baked muffins.  Around lunchtime, CoWorker K-K brings in her Sonic lunch (complete with tater tots), puts it on her desk and steps away, unseen by CoWorker K.

The Comment:
CoWorker K walks by K-K’s desk and says, “I must be getting hungry!   That candle is beginning to smell like French Fries!”


  1. LOL!! How could anyone get any work done with the smell of blueberry muffins radiating through the air? They need to make a rule, no food scented candles!

    have a good day!


  2. lol...but this does not take the place of monday musings!!!!!

  3. Oh, tooo funny! lol. Thanks for sharing. :D


  4. I'll take the blueberry muffin smell any day! sandie


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