Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Musings

Dear Lady at WalMart:
::::Big Sigh:::: How many times must I say it?   You look positively puerile walking around, talking loudly on your cell phone, subjecting those even two aisles away to your personal pollution.

Dear Neighbor:
No wonder you left the ‘hood.   It’s never a good idea to leave burning leaves and twigs in your back yard, while you go jack around in your front yard.   That’s how you burn down your next-door-neighbor’s privacy fence.  I think there was a reason for that fence…  

Dear Master Procrastinator.
Thy name is Margaret.  Must you always wait until the last minute for everything?

Dear Diet:
Didn’t I just start you last Monday?   And the Monday before?   What happened?  Oh, yeah.   Lunch.   Well, not this week.

Dear Jack’s Breakfast Crew:
I passed you right up and didn’t even glance your way today.   I do hope y’all survive this week without me; it’ll be tough I know.

Dear Jack’s Sweet Tea:
I’m gonna miss you most of all.

Dear God:
Please remember our very important request for tomorrow.   We are trusting You to take care of the problem…whatever the outcome, we know You will be with us.

Me:   Did you know that before the great flood of Noah’s day, it had never rained on the earth?
Ole Boy:   Musta been one heck of a drought in this part of the world. 


  1. LOL on what Ole Boy said! You go girl; Jacks doesn't need you and you'll feel soo much more better!

    keeping that special prayer in my prayers, please do let me know what you know when you know how much you want me to know, but will continue to pray......

    I just don't think people think when they are on the phone and others hear sometimes their very personal conversations.

    I hope it is a good Monday for you!


  2. i learned a new
    it wasn't your fence, was it?
    thanks for the prayer...i'm really covered! :)
    ole boy is so quick! hehehe

  3. Thanks, know we appreciate your prayers., it was the guy's fence down the street.

  4. haha. drought... hahaha

    I've prayed and will pray, both for the unspoken request and the diet. Ack. The diet.

    Just think, if we get raptured this week, both of our bodies will suddenly experience transforming success!

    If not, we'll keep pluggin the slow, ordinary way. :}


    P.S. I considered putting the latest restart off until Friday, just in case, but thought better of it. So, here I am--occupying til He comes. I just wish I were occupying a lot less space. :}

  5. I can't believe he burned the fence down! That's ridiculous!

  6. Well I have to admit I am confused - but I'll say a prayer because God is not. sandie

  7. I know a family that pours gasoline on their trash to burn it. I've said some prayers over that. I've also known two people who threw aerosol cans into a trash fire. Their eyebrows did grow back. I won't say how I know this, but that limb that didn't burn is still hot enough to burn your hand even though it isn't glowing.

    Jack's? I believe there's a law somewhere that one has to eat at Jack's at least once a day. Dunno how anyone else stays in business during breakfast hours.


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