Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Thunderings

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The Age "Boom" Edition

Dear Time:
Could you back up a little?  This age thing is really affecting me!

Dear Age:
You act like an old woman.  No wonder people lie about you!

Dear Head:
I know you’re in the clouds a lot, but this silver lining thing you got going on is not attractive.

Dear Gray Roots (aka silver lining):
Meet Miss Clairol.

Dear Morning:
Why are you so mean to my face?

Dear Mirror:
You just ain’t as pretty as you used to be.    I try to avoid you first thing in the morning.

Dear Make Up:
Slacker!   You don’t work near as well as you used to.

Dear Joints:
Could you try to be a little more quiet?   You’re disturbing the peace with all that snap! crackle! pop!

Dear Midlife:
What up with all these sound effects?   Hot flashes?   Dry skin?   Mood swings?

Dear Ole Boy:
Thank you for putting up with me.   You’re the best!


  1. I like your name at the bottom - pretty.

    And I feel the same way you do about age!



  2. LOL!!! This was so cute to read!! It "sucks" to get old, doesn't it? But one day we will get a new body indeed!!


  3. You know, Margaret, til recently, I've never been bothered by my age. But, then, I've never been THIS OLD!

    I am as surprised by my sudden vanity/age horror as I am by the aged woman who looks back at me from my mirror.

    I'm not liking it at all. Not at all.

    In fact, it is part of my weight gain. When I weighed 170 (for that 10 minutes this time last year), I got a bad hair cut & color, looked in the mirror and saw my mother. The silent scream didn't stop until I had regained 10 pounds and my face filled out a little.

    In 4 months, I'll be sixty. It's not fixin to be much of a celebration. :(

    Hmmm. Your post was a lot funnier than my comment. :}


  4. It's not a hot flash, it's your own personal summer.

    Really sick? Go to the doc and he diagnoses you with menopause. What did you really have? Lupus! Don't you just love it?

  5. You made me laugh about the joints. I hate how they talk to us and complain about their age now!

    Oh it stinks getting older!

    I came over from Sandie's place when she mentioned that you made her that pretty Chatty Crone pic. :)


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