Thursday, October 6, 2011

Long term memory is working fine....

These days, with as much as I forget (which is uh-lot!) I remember some of the silliest things from years ago:

·      During my senior year in high school, I had an orange Gremlin.   That’s not hard to remember…that’s hard to forget!   But needless to say, there weren’t too many of them around…they were already obsolete when I had mine.   One night, while on my way home around midnight, a car got right on my bumper and tailed me down the mile stretch of road where my parents live.   I just assumed it was one of my friends being stupid.   When I whipped into my parents drive (the road curved perfectly into the drive by just cutting the wheel a little to the left), the other car missed the drive completely.  Any of my friends, even the (sometimes) stupid ones, would have known where I lived.   The car backed up and came down the drive.   It was a deputy sheriff.    I put my hands on my hips and informed him that he’d scared me nearly to death!   (I didn’t mind a little lie here and there when I was younger.   I don’t do that anymore.   Really.)    He stammered around and finally asked me if my car had been stolen, because he’d gotten a report that car like mine had been stolen.   I’m pretty sure he lied, too.  Who would steal an orange Gremlin?

·      I won’t mention that the kids in my family had all the classy cars:   Pinto, Vega, Gremlin.  There’s no need for you to know everything. 

·      We went through a short phase in High School where we used the expression “Hang Body Body,” referring to guys.   I believe Sharon originated it, but she left this world some years ago.   We also said, “Hang nosey nosey” about one or two guys; and truthfully, I’m not exactly sure what either of those terms meant…and I probably don’t want to know.   I remember lines used by guys (not pick up lines), such as Marcus saying “Bless me, ‘scuse me, SCAT!” when he sneezed, or Greg telling Wendell, “By the time I get through with you, Haskell won’t ask you ‘what happened?’  He’ll say, ‘How’d you ever get loose?’”

·      A little boy, Keith, in the ‘hood where I grew up once said, “Taj Mahal” to me as a way of saying goodbye.   I have used that term many, many times since then… just as I’ve often used “bless me, excuse me, scat!” over the years.

·      I got to school one day only to realize my shirt was on inside out.   The only reason I “realized” it was because Carol told me.

·      Marietta and Carolyn got into a fight in the hallway and they meant business.  Don’t ever get in the middle of a girl fight.   You just might lose a handful of hair, or a couple of teeth. 

·      Melissa threatened to beat me up, and I was really scared.   She didn’t, much to my relief.

It’s amazing how much I have retained from years and years ago, but have a hard time remembering where we ate this weekend.

I hope your Friday is lovely, 
and your weekend even lovelier!


  1. Memories are a funny thing aren't they - I enjoyed this.

    You know you are right about two girls fighting - I was at a restaurant once- they actually ripped off their fake nails. Ouch! sandie

  2. how DID we get so lucky when it came to cars??? wish i could say my long term memory works well....

  3. Those are great stories - love it!
    Where ya been?
    Hope all is well.

  4. An orange Gremlin; I just can't imagine. But at least you could find your care in a parking lot at the mall! It is amazing how we can remember things from when back then. It is interesting how the mind works.

    you have a great weekend!!!



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