Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Musings

Dear Three Day Weekend:  
Where did you run off to so fast?

How did you get here so quickly?

Dear Vacation:  
I can hardly wait to see you!

Dear Lady at WalMart:
If you’re going to gripe about the other shoppers, please 
do it so others don’t hear you…especially when you 
were doing the very same thing yourself.  

Dear Comcast:
All of your improvements have made you inferior.    Once upon a time, 
I could always depend on you to be available.   Now?   Not so much.

Dear Mount Sinai:
Why are you growing on the side of my nose?   
Really, I am not certain if you are a mountain or a third eye.

Dear Face:
You are acting like a teenager!  Please stop breaking out!!    What?   
Oh, yeah.   I guess I can’t call you a teenager with those lines…

Dear Diet:
Thank you!  I will not miss those seven pounds at all!

Dear Reader:
I am working on a true story that I promise will warm your heart 
and touch your soul.   It’s a three-parter.   Have some tissue ready.


  1. Oh my, I'm curious about that story. I do hope you share it soon; tissue ready.

    Seven gone, do not find them again, good for you!

    Loved your Dears; how exciting for a 3-day weekend and an upcoming vacation!!

    enjoy the day!


  2. yeah, after i sent you a work email, i realized you were probably off. lines?? what lines??? doesn't count when you have to use a magnifying glass and still search!! 7 lbs... that's grrrrreat!!!

  3. SEVEN pounds! WAHOOO!!!!

    Congratulations. :D


  4. Looking forward to your three part story!

  5. Very glad for you...about those 7.
    Waiting for the tear-jerker story.
    <hunting tissues.~Mary


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