Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Newsday Tuesday: The Musing Edition

 We had some news in my neighborhood yesterday…my credit union, the one I use that is located a mere quarter mile from my house, was robbed yesterday.   The guy handed the teller a note that stated he had a bomb strapped to his body.  They gave him an undisclosed amount of money; he left on foot…and went to my little neck of the woods.   I live in Small Town, Alabama…these things just don’t happen every day!   I consoled myself last night with the thought that surely he wouldn’t still be hanging around the ‘hood with the ABI and FBI, police and sheriff deputies after him.   He was.   He was picked up about 10 hours after the deed a mere short walking distance from my house.  

Sometimes I surprise myself at the “news” videos I will watch.   Afterwards, I ask myself why I watched it…but I never have an answer.    And if it’s not enough that I watch the video, I’ll read the comments, and if I’m in the right mood, I’ll make a few comments, too.   From the comments, I have realized that there are people in this world who are bona fide nuts.     I’ve also learned a few things.  

Some of those videos stay in my mind for a while, like the Chinese toddler who was hit by two vehicles.   I have no words for what I saw…but the images are still in my head.  Disturbing.   If you haven’t seen that clip, you are better off not knowing that these things go on in our world.

I watched the video of Gaddafi being captured.   I really couldn’t tell anything at all about that piece of raw footage.   There are people who think he shouldn’t have been killed by the people he’d terrorized all these years…I think he reaped what he sowed, just as each and every one of us will.

I am not watching Dancing with the Stars this season.   I rarely watched a full season of it, but this time, I couldn’t stomach of the contestants, and as it is with every season, I didn’t even know who half of them were.   Stephen Davey said something on Wisdom for the Heart this morning that has stuck in my mind:  “We drift toward compromise and call it tolerance.”   Enough said.

I don’t watch much TV…most of my news comes from the internet.   As I peruse the news sites, I can’t find any good news, only more reasons for me to keep in mind that I live in a crazy world, a very crazy world.   With all that’s going on outside my box, I would not be surprised if Jesus’s return isn’t so much closer than we all realize.   I wonder what I’d do differently if I knew that He was coming back before the end of the year?   Would I sit around surfing the ‘net, or watching The Biggest Loser, or worrying about my diet…or would I be doing all I could to make sure my loved ones got their acts together?    There are things we shouldn’t take for granted, having a tomorrow is one of them, we aren’t promised tomorrow.

This week in History:

v  The telegraph turns 150 years old.
v  Pablo Picasso was born in 1881.
v  The New York City Subway opened in 1904.
v  In 1517, Martin Luther posted 95 revolutionary opinions that would begin the Protestant Reformation.
v  “96 Tears” was the number one hit in 1966.
v  President McKinley’s assassin is executed in 1901.
v  The Statute of Liberty was dedicated by President Grover Cleveland in 1886.
v  Congress enforces prohibition in 1919.
v  In 1984, an infant receives a baboon heart.
v  In 1972, President Nixon suspends bombing in Vietnam, and in 1973, he vetoed the War Powers Resolution.
v  British naval fleet attacks Norfolk, Virginia in 1775.
v  In 1945, the United Nations was formally established.


  1. Gee you are a little mini news blog today too - thanks for the news. I didn't know all that.

    I agree - I don't watch too much tv either.


  2. i did see that our little cu had been robbed, but did i stop and think that the culprit may have been hanging around so close to my family?!! glad he was caught. i don't do much news by any means...just a bit here and a bit there. at times i feel i need to know more and will do better, but it's depressing. i agree, the return of our Lord is near and we need to be telling family, friend and foe!

  3. You heard that little girl died that got hit by those two vehicles; makes you want to get all those people that just walked by and left her there and......

    oh well, it is not for us to judge

    scary about the bank robber being so close though!

    I watched DWTS one time this season just out of curiousity; as my niece used to say when she was young and didn't like something "one time be enough". One time be enough for the season this year.

    I liked that comment about tolerance; it is sadly so true.

    I think we need to live our lives every day that Jesus is comin back this day or we could die today. I think we would act differently all around if we remembered those sobering facts! Although seeing Jesus would fill me with great joy!


  4. No Tv..sooo. And I like it that way..& I don't search out video on the web...but I did read about the toddler. Hello, shouldn't someone have done something?~Mary


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