Monday, December 19, 2011

The Comedy of Errors at Logan’s Roadhouse

Logan’s Roadhouse knows I love them, Ole Boy and I visit at least once a week.   Lately, they’ve given us some real characters for servers, though.  Yesterday, the server was just bad.   ‘Nuff said.  

Not too long ago, our server…whose name was not Buffy (but I somehow felt she could have worn the name well, so that’s what I have nicknamed her) took our order, and that’s where the fun began.     We decided to do the Three Course Meal, because having fallen off the diet wagon, I was looking for all things diet unfriendly!    I ordered the crispy fried tilapia fillets, which is a brand new item on the menu (a semi-important detail), and I asked for the fried mushrooms for the appetizer.   Buffy brought our salads right out, but no ‘Shrooms.    After 20 minutes, we finally asked about the appetizer, which I’m thinking should have been brought out before the salad…she winked (oh, yes she did) and said, “Let me check on those for you!”   She comes right back with a basket, and says, “Sorry for the delay on that!   Be careful, they are piping hot!”   They were barely warm.

When our entrĂ©es finally arrive, she brought me the Tilapia Santa Fe.   When I told her I ordered the fried tilapia, she said, “Oh, this is how our tilapia is served!”   I said, “The menu said fried,” and I showed her.  She said, “Oh, well, nobody ever orders that, so I just assumed you wanted the Santa Fe.”    I said, “Well, it’s a new item…”  

The three course choice comes with dessert.   When we were finished our entrĂ©es, she brought our bill, which charged us for the three courses, and thanked us for coming in.   I said, "We haven't ordered dessert..." and she winked again, and said, "Oh, yes, I know!   I'm just waiting for you to tell me what you'd like."  

Buffy told us she was from New York, and hadn’t been here long.   I told her that she didn’t have an accent, so I wouldn’t have guessed she wasn’t from the south.   She then said she was from “upstate” New York, and that’s why she didn’t have a strong accent.   As we were leaving, she said, “Bye, Y’all,” in what I’m almost certain was a Kentucky twang, certainly not upstate New York.

I think I’ll put Buffy on my “Naughty” list, but keep Logan’s on my “Nice” list.  Hopefully, I’ll have my Naughty and Nice list complete and posted by tomorrow.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Musings

While walking along the aisles of colorful bulbs, trees and tinsel, my spirit sometimes grieves.   It happens at least once every Christmas.   I whisper, “I’m sorry, Lord,” as I search for the one little section among rows and rows of Santas and reindeer where I can find a Baby Jesus.    I know that Santa is not the problem…it’s the heart of greed during what should be a celebration of the birth of a savior, and that’s why my spirit grieves.   It is rather sad that so many of us feel we must “buy Christmas,” and too many of us go in debt to do it.   We forget that Christ already paid the price, and way too much money is spent on lavish gifts to satisfy the demand that the season has become.   I get caught up in it all, and I’m just as guilty.   I’ve set some limits this year, and I’m doing my best to abide within those limits.   It ain’t easy!

Santa & Baby Jesus

I really love Christmas…and I know that I can’t change the world, so I am sure to keep the true meaning close to my own heart.   Jesus really is the reason for the season.   You won’t normally find Santa decorations at my house, but I don’t preach “No Santa” to my little Angels.   I am most likely guilty of referencing Santa to them myself.   Is that hypocritical?    I remind them what Christmas really is; they know about the Baby Jesus…but sadly, they are much more excited about Santa.   I was just as excited when I was little; but with four older siblings, I never believed in Santa.   I knew to wait up, hiding behind the door of my bedroom, to sneak a peek when Mom brought the gifts out.   I don’t believe I ever made it, though.  I always fell asleep.

I love Christmas not only as a celebration for the birth of Jesus, but because I see more human kindness during this season.   Families make a bigger effort to spend time together.   People are a little more giving.   Children with sparkling eyes dance with glee, for no reason other than their own private joy that it’s Christmas!   I know Christmas is not a joyful time for everyone…for those of you who are missing someone special this year, my wish for you is peace this Season; real peace, from God Himself.

When I was a child, it took two lifetimes before Christmas would roll around again; these days, it takes two blinks and a nap, and here it is again.   December already!   Time for the hustle and bustle of the season…already I’ve been asked several times if I have all my shopping done.   I’ve hardly started!   There are very few things that I get in a rush about, shopping has never been one of them. 

I hope you, my friends, have a moment or two to stop and breathe in the delight of the season, and amidst the hubbub of shopping and preparations you find rest in the knowledge that a King loved you so much that He died to give you life.

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