Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Musings...

Dear Female College Student:
Those too-high heels are making you walk a little funny.   I worry that you’re going to fall.  

Dear Male College Student:
Puh-leeze pull up your britches!!!

Dear Peking:
Never again!   You used to be a pretty decent Chinese meal…not anymore.

Dear Huffington Post:
Thanks for the Superuser status, but I won’t be needing it.

Dear Alabama Voters:
Do you remember in 1985 when Guy Hunt was elected governor?   Alabamians were so frustrated with Charlie Graddick and Bill Baxley’s constant fighting that they voted in a Republican for the first time in 113 years.    I’m wondering if Gingrich and Romney are causing just as much frustration among Republican voters…and I have to ask, of all the people in America, we’re down to these two as front runners?

Dear God:

Dear Self:
Nothing brings out the anonymity in folks better than a political and/or God blog.

Dear Anonymous Commenter:
I hope you don’t find out the hard way that a leopard can’t change his spots.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Musings...

Dear God:   
Please give us the leader of Your choice to run our country, one who will not be afraid to stand up for what is right and just and moral, and not back down because of the voices screaming the loudest about “political correctness” as they bash anyone who stands on Biblical principles.    Also, we’d like one who will not call any scripture “obscure passage,” nor plan to use public funding for abortion. 

Dear Newt Gingrich:
I was impressed with the way you stood up to John King.   Thank you for pointing out that mainstream media is biased toward republicans, and that the destructive, vicious and negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, and harder to attract decent people to run for public office.   Like you, I am appalled; and yes, it is despicable.    Thank you, too, for not apologizing afterwards to the elite media who got their butts handed to them over the way they handed the latest “scandal.”

Dear Dr. G. Thomas Sharp and Dr. Tommy Mitchell:
In this crazy mixed up world, I am so pleased that you have the nerve to stand on Biblical principles and speak the truth about creation.   Thank you for taking the time to study and learn, so that you have the knowledge needed to back up what you say.   It is so refreshing to see Godly men not be afraid to stand up against great opposition and teach what is right, just and correct. 

Dear Kmart Cashier:
The time to text is not while you have a line at your register waiting (im)patiently to check out.

Dear Texas Roadhouse:
Roadkill?   Love the entrée, but please change the name!!!

Dear God:
Thank You for protecting the Shoals during the storms last night.   We are much appreciative.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Reality and Reality TV

I usually watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette series.   I sometimes wonder why because even I, the hopeless romantic wannabe that I am, realize you really don’t fall in love in six weeks.   They don’t have many success stories, unlike The Biggest Loser (a show I rarely miss), which boasts the blossoming romances of many couples, complete with marriage and children.    Last season’s bachelorette, Ashley, recently married her choice, JP.  The one she left behind, Ben, is this season’s bachelor.

Ben looks as if he hasn’t seen a comb or a pair of scissors in a long time, and I had decided I’d pass this season, until I heard it mentioned that the house was full of drama.   So I watched the first episode online tonight.    It’s almost as if the producers knew they’d made a mistake by picking the unkempt Ben and brought in a ménage of characters that just may bring me back for another episode.   The craziest chick of all is a blogger.  

The Biggest Loser always makes me want cookies or macaroni and cheese or some other no-no food as I watch those people work their big butts off…literally.   I’d like to say by watching the show I get inspired, but generally I just get hungry.

Happy New Year 2012 Pictures, Images and Photos

My “New Year” starts on Monday.   I didn’t get around to even giving a diet a thought.   But there’s always hope, yes?   I did agree to go to an exercise class at work, though.  

I’m finally feeling better from the bug I had.   I missed three days of work, and I have probably never, in all of my life, missed three consecutive days of work because I was sick.  (Other than the time I had emergency surgery to save my life and I was out of commission for six weeks, but I was only working part-time then.)  I would have gone in Friday even though I felt pretty bad, but I had enough residual symptoms that I wasn’t sure if I was still contagious or not.   I like my co-workers, and I wouldn’t even wish that virus on Mr. Big.   I had made the comment a few times that I’d like another week off, and I basically got it.  We were off on Monday, and I only worked one day last week.   I would have much rather been back at work.

My little poll yielded some interesting results.  Seems as if two folks hoped I wouldn’t post anymore.   Since I know who one of them was…and she was only putting her warped sense of humor to use (a humor that runs in her family, by the way) that leaves only one who hoped I wouldn’t post anymore.   Too bad!  Heheh

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Roscoe Ate Rat Poison, and I Know How He Feels

Several months ago when the weather was still warm, one particular Saturday was very windy.  It was around 11:30 a.m.  The wind blew some rat poison off the shelf from the garage, and Roscoe grabbed it up before we could do anything.   He went running through the yard, with Ole Boy chasing him.    By the time he caught the silly dog, Roscoe had ingested a few pellets of the poison, and there were pellets strewn about the back yard.   We spent a few hours going over the yard with a fine tooth rake making sure we got them all.  

I called our vet.   They told me the doctor had already left for the day, and gave me the number for a veterinary hospital, the same group where we used to take Peppy.   I called them, but since they closed at noon, they didn’t want to see him, and referred me to the ER veterinary hospital.  The lady also told me to give him hydrogen peroxide to make him throw up.   I called the ER vet, and the receptionist went into a long spiel about all the charges I would incur just for bringing him in on a Saturday (around $400, not including what it would cost to treat him).

I knew that he’d only eaten a few pellets, so we waited to see what the hydrogen peroxide would do.  Normally it wouldn’t be easy to get a dog to drink hydrogen peroxide, but Roscoe is still young enough to drink first, and ask questions later.   I sat a little bowl of it down, and he got a good long drink (he needed at least ¼ cup).    He then realized he didn’t like it at all!  He ran out in the yard, threw himself on the ground and began to wallow.   I knew it must be bubbling, and I felt so sorry for him.  But to be sure he had enough, we poured a little more down him…which was not an easy task.  He did throw up…repeatedly.   Poor thing, but he threw up all the pellets, and never suffered any consequences.

I know how he feels because I caught the stomach bug that’s going around, and I’ve violently tossed my cookies so many times that my rib cage is sore!   I feel as if I’ve eaten rat poison.

Monday, January 2, 2012


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