Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Reality and Reality TV

I usually watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette series.   I sometimes wonder why because even I, the hopeless romantic wannabe that I am, realize you really don’t fall in love in six weeks.   They don’t have many success stories, unlike The Biggest Loser (a show I rarely miss), which boasts the blossoming romances of many couples, complete with marriage and children.    Last season’s bachelorette, Ashley, recently married her choice, JP.  The one she left behind, Ben, is this season’s bachelor.

Ben looks as if he hasn’t seen a comb or a pair of scissors in a long time, and I had decided I’d pass this season, until I heard it mentioned that the house was full of drama.   So I watched the first episode online tonight.    It’s almost as if the producers knew they’d made a mistake by picking the unkempt Ben and brought in a ménage of characters that just may bring me back for another episode.   The craziest chick of all is a blogger.  

The Biggest Loser always makes me want cookies or macaroni and cheese or some other no-no food as I watch those people work their big butts off…literally.   I’d like to say by watching the show I get inspired, but generally I just get hungry.

Happy New Year 2012 Pictures, Images and Photos

My “New Year” starts on Monday.   I didn’t get around to even giving a diet a thought.   But there’s always hope, yes?   I did agree to go to an exercise class at work, though.  

I’m finally feeling better from the bug I had.   I missed three days of work, and I have probably never, in all of my life, missed three consecutive days of work because I was sick.  (Other than the time I had emergency surgery to save my life and I was out of commission for six weeks, but I was only working part-time then.)  I would have gone in Friday even though I felt pretty bad, but I had enough residual symptoms that I wasn’t sure if I was still contagious or not.   I like my co-workers, and I wouldn’t even wish that virus on Mr. Big.   I had made the comment a few times that I’d like another week off, and I basically got it.  We were off on Monday, and I only worked one day last week.   I would have much rather been back at work.

My little poll yielded some interesting results.  Seems as if two folks hoped I wouldn’t post anymore.   Since I know who one of them was…and she was only putting her warped sense of humor to use (a humor that runs in her family, by the way) that leaves only one who hoped I wouldn’t post anymore.   Too bad!  Heheh


  1. i don't think i've watched the bachelor since i was so disappointed that it didn't work out with andrew...ummm....the firestone guy and the sweet gal that picked him...can't even remember their names. glad you are feeling better...ya know what they say, 'be careful for what you wish for...' and 2 people weren't wanting you to post again?? i'm surprised they even stop by to see if you've posted. lol love ya!!

  2. It was Andrew Firestone and Jen Schefft..and yeah, that was a lonnng time ago! lol. Yeah, those two ONE of them anyway.

  3. I watched the Bachelor one time. It seemed interesting, but sure a strange way to pick a mate, know what I mean? But then again I enjoy watching the Kardashians while working out at the gym.

    I'm glad you are feeling better, I hope Ole Boy is starting to feel better. Sounds like a totally nasty awful bug if you ask me!

    The exercise class sounds like a good thing to do. Good to move that body and do something weight bearing like walking, good for building stronger bones and preventing osteoporosis or so they say (whoever they are, LOL).

    I hope you do continue to post and post often!

    hope the rest of the weekend goes smoothly!


  4. I wasnt that "one" person. I love your posts.

  5. Hey, Margaret! I'm glad you're feeling better and it sure is nice to see that you've visited my blog. :)

    No, the younger son didn't call back. Mothers of sons get used to that sort of thing. ;}



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