Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Musings: The Nashville Edition

Dear Birthday:
I celebrated you early in Nashville this weekend.   You may now roll quietly by…

Dear Ole Boy:
Sometimes, you just catch me by surprise.   You did that this weekend by giving me a gift that I mentioned I’d like to have months ago…and you remembered!   (See below.)

Dear Tennessee:
If I could no longer live in Alabama, I’d choose you as my home.   However, my rebel yell will forever be “Roll Tide!”

Dear God:
I saw so many different faces this weekend, and none of them looked alike.   Your creations are amazing.

Dear Hoodlum-looking Young Man:
If you don’t, at some point, look at your buddies who are wearing their pants below their butt cheeks (just like you) and think to yourself “You really look stupid!” I don’t know if there’s any hope for you worry about you.

Dear Other Young Man,
I don’t think the girl you were with appreciated being subjected to your “pants on the ground.” I sure didn’t!  Crack is whack!!   I don’t think you were trying to be cool…maybe you didn’t realize it…but didn’t you feel a draft??

Dear Cock of the Walk Server:
I don’t think you really deserved a tip, but we left you a decent one anyway.   Somehow I feel ashamed to not leave a gratuity even when you have done nothing to merit it.

Dear Antique Archeology:
I expected your new Nashville store to be much larger.

Dear Young Mother:
I realize she scared you running out in the parking lot…but if you don’t stop yelling at her like that, I promise one day you will regret it, and you won’t be able to take any of it back.

Dear Drury Inn:
Great idea about the shower gel/shampoo/conditioner dispenser in the shower.   I won’t fall for that trick again.  I just hope my hair recovers!

Dear Golden Corral:
What?   No breakfast pizza AND no chocolate fountain?!  Hmph!!


A few months ago, I mentioned that I'd like to have a small camera for my purse.   There are times I'd like to take a picture, but my camera is too big to lug around everywhere I go, and I miss some pretty good photo opps.    Ole Boy remembered, and he got me are some pictures I took this weekend with my new camera....

Opryland Hotel, February, 2012
The flowers are from the Opryland Hotel, Nashville
Opryland Hotel, February, 2012

Opryland Hotel, February, 2012

Opryland Hotel, February, 2012

Opryland Hotel, February, 2012

Opryland Hotel, February, 2012

Opryland Hotel, February, 2012

Opryland Hotel, February, 2012

Opryland Hotel, February, 2012

My last view of Nashville Sunday Morning as I was leaving...
It was snowing and it was very pretty.

Natchez Trace Near Nashville, February, 2012

Keg Springs Winery Vineyard
Keg Springs Winery Vineyard


  1. sounds like you had a wonderful trip. and that was sweet of ole boy to remember! great shots! happy birthday youngin!!

  2. Great pictures taken with your new camera! So sweet for Ole Boy to remember and to surpise you like that! Sounds like it was a very nice weekend celebrating an important date :) Happy early birthday!


  3. GrEAT PICS with the camera. I am heading to Nashville for a quick trip next month for a wedding. No time for touring.


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