Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Musings

Dear Blog:
March is upon us!   I believe that I will make an entry for every day of March.  Thirty-four...that is 34...entries in a row.   Why, I do not know…it's just an idea I had.    There’s only 31 days in March, you say?   Yes…but I am starting the “every day” posts today.   I know you are excited, Dear Reader.

Dear March:
You are here so soon?   I greet you a year older and a few pounds heavier than the last time we met.   You are a welcome sight…even though it’s been a mild winter, I’m very ready for spring.

Dear Spring:
I see you are arriving early on the tail of a very mild winter.   Please, let’s have no repeat of last year’s April 27th tornadoes.   In fact, can you keep the severe storms to a bare minimum?

Dear God:
I know it’s really You in control of all things, including weather.   I will endeavor to trust You…always.

Dear Diet:
Ah, there you are….another Monday appearance!    This time, I will be fighting to keep you around…to make you a way of life and more than just a daily battle.   :::winning:::

Dear Ole Boy:
I love how you have a song for everything, and how you change the words and make them so funny...and how you sometimes put my name in your songs.   But...waking me up with "Wake Up, Little Floozy" might not have been one of your better ones.


  1. lol on that last one!!! what was he thinking???!!! lol

  2. LOL on the songs from Ole boy! Keeps you laughing though!! I look forward to reading your blogs over the next 34 days!!



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